Monday, January 26, 2015

ABC Australia should apologise to David Hicks for promoting the Leigh Sales smear book & apologise to Schapelle Corby too, for their vile campaign of dis-information to protect the Lying Rodent

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And the ABC's Leigh Sales should one of the first in line with an apology to David Hicks too

And if you check out that Guardian Facebook thread, you'll see Lynette Danza has replied to some of the other posters too.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Schapelle Corby - So the Australian Federal Police want to sue Schapelle for receiving the "Proceeds of crime"? Bring it on boys, see you in court . . .

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The Australian Federal Police raided Channel 7 on 18 February 2014 to gather evidence on possible media payments to Schapelle and her family, so they could confiscate them under proceeds of crime legislation, as widely and graphically mocked in this Facebook post, shared over 170 times.  But their botched efforts cost the Australian tax payer well over a million dollars in wasted funds.

If they wish to continue their keystone cop antics, they'll waste a great deal more cash and get major egg on their faces. See you in court boys. Dan Rogers said the allegations against Schapelle (which she denies), would have to be tested in court, on Australian soil - and the facts would decimate those Australian cowboys parading as law enforcers.

There's now a wealth of formal and official documentation backing Schapelle, as vividly shown here and here  - and many key people would make excellent witnesses, such as former top cop Ray Cooper and former senior Australian Customs officer Allan Kessing. Then (of course), there's always this outstanding complaint to ACLEI for any court to consider (about the criminal Qantas baggage handlers who were never arrested or charged), which that Government body assured the Commonwealth Ombudsman they were investigating.

It's also true the lies and smears wither in open court, as recently and dramatically seen here, so there will be NO repeat of the squalid political seizure of Schapelle's previous book income.  Now we're ready, waiting and armed with weapons more powerful than any sword . . .

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Schapelle Corby & David Hicks - An open letter to the ABC's Leigh Sales . . .

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Hi Leigh,

I see you mocked Schapelle, you reckon she's boring - and as for David Hicks, you sneer about his book and ridicule the writing of a young, working class man. Ironic when I don't think you'd last five seconds under the conditions those two souls endured.

It's also clear your comments about Schapelle are bizarre, given your book about David Hicks bombed in comparison to her publication, which sold over 100,000 copies in the first year alone, is now translated into six languages and was recently re-printed (and thus still available in book stores up and down the country).  Writers envy much? You're a dismal failure compared to that.

Also see your vicious Tweet about Schapelle was shared just 86 times on 10 February 2014, but there was a massively more enthusiastic response to Rosleigh Rose's brave stand about her daughter, which was shared over 720 times on Facebook just three days before - and this further post exposing the facts you refuse to discuss was shared almost 600 times around the same time. So plainly, you're a social media flop in comparison too.
But the biggest bombshell challenging your nasty smears about David Hicks is the breaking news he was innocent all along. That cuts you down to size, doesn't it? Anything to say? Want to apologise? Many tweeters think you should, including Brandon Neely (who used to work in Guantanamo) - and The Justice Campaign clearly says your book has long been discredited too. I also note the public enthusiastically shared the latest breaking news about about David Hicks, while (again), your social media effort to deride him was a huge failure in comparison.

Further, The Melbourne Journal of International Law was scathing about your publication and accused you of toadying to the Australian Government, quote: "In our view, taken together, all these qualifications lead to a conclusion that the author has been too kind to the Australian Government." Scroll to: OUR APPRAISAL AND OTHER CRITICISMS for that verdict and the Journal also mentions many other major criticisms of your work in that learned critique.

So I guess your appraisal of David Hicks is as flawed as your one about Schapelle - not surprising really, considering the shocking vendetta against an innocent woman by the Government funded ABC, catalogued in great detail here.

Many tweeters are now laying into John Howard for the way he deserted David Hicks, here's just one widely shared example - and it's true the current head of the ABC Mark Scott was a senior Liberal Party staffer. So are the ABC smears, lies and omissions in relation to David Hicks and Schapelle tied to that incestuous connection? Howard has an awful lot to hide when it comes to Schapelle as well.

In short Leigh, your cheap shots and widely discredited book are squalid and entirely unimpressive.

Regards, Kim

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Schapelle Corby, David Hicks & Nafeez Ahmed and some graphic reasons why George Monbiot is a hypocrite

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Mouthpieces of the elite? That very definitely includes the Guardian.  It was recently announced former Australian Guantanamo detainee David Hicks would have to be declared innocent by the Pentagon and thus the Australian Government may have to pay him millions in compensation, here's the details But both the UK Guardian and the Australian Guardian are point blank refusing to report this, without explanation.  So far this complaint to them remains unanswered Further, the Guardian is refusing to explain why they sacked popular journalist and author Nafeez Ahmed, or report the real facts about a very high profile Australian case that graphically undermined previous Australian Prime Minister John Howard's claims about "Fighting the war on terror." Here's some details on that:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Schapelle Corby - Why didn't The Guardian report HUGE 12 January 2015 news about David Hicks? They censor those facts and Schapelle's innocence too

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And the West is supposed to be governed by the rule of law and "Human rights"? This makes a complete mockery of everything we assume about our society, fascism at its finest. And in further breaking news about Guantanamo Bay (12 Jan 2015), former Australian detainee David Hicks must now be declared innocent by the Pentagon and it's likely the Australian Government will have to pay him millions in compensation. Here's some media reports from 12 Jan 2015 However, both the Guardian UK and Guardian Australia have (quite bizarrely), refused to report that huge news story, which has generated a formal complaint to the newspaper here:

Monday, January 19, 2015

Schapelle Corby, the Bali 9 & "Je Suis Censorship" at "The Conversation"

Click on comments below to read, which were shared at this article re the Bali 9. But Prof Sarah Joseph refused to engage with the data Lynette Danza posted (seen in Sarah's input below) and Lynette was disabled from making more comments, for unexplained reasons. Clearly, they're not great at "Conversation" at "The Conversation." Addit - Prof Sarah Joseph was politely asked to investigate this censorship but refused. And see an email to Andrew Jaspan

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Bali 9 - The Death Penalty exported

A letter (with this picture) is currently in circulation on social media. Please read it, as it explains how the AFP and Australian politicians exported the death penalty. It goes some way to explaining why Tony Abbott is paying lip service to those who are begging for mercy. Widely shared Details HERE