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Schapelle Corby & Wikipedia Censorship

Note, Wikipedia has a well documented history of political manipulation and censorship, as also reported by the BBC. Further, here's another clear message to the manipulators, your every move is being watched and recorded - and will be reaching an extremely wide audience. When that hits the fan, it will completely trash the worth of Wikipedia as a "Reliable" source on Schapelle.

Click on that pic above to enlarge and read the direct message to the censors. And here is the glaring information about the price differential someone doesn't want you to see (as it was very politely inserted several times, but deleted within minutes as "Irrelevant"). And here is the blog post inserted in that screen grab above.

Well it seems the self-appointed "Censor" at Wikipedia is happy to delete official United Nations reports eight times in a period of around 20 minutes, but much, much slower (actually, non-existent), when it comes to justifying their actions. And yes, this squalid Wikipedia episode will be documented in the coming book.

Some further discussion at Wikipedia.

I was also Banned from further discussion, because "Sarek of Vulcan" didn't like my user name, how bloody hilarious is that? I wonder if he has pointy ears . . . ;-)

Sorting it out with Wikipedia (I hope).

Methinks "Sarek of Vulcan" is proving the title of this blog post beyond a shadow of a doubt . . .

And here's "Sarek of Vulcan's" reply to me, which he's blocked me from responding to a Wikipedia, so I'll reply to it here, because this link is posted there anyway:

Not all "impeccably cited" information belongs in the article. In particular, original research does not belong here. Neither does synthesis of multiple bits of information to create a new fact. --SarekOfVulcan (talk) 16:47, 30 December 2010 (UTC)

Oh, and screen grabs are a waste of time. See the History link at the top of the page. --SarekOfVulcan (talk) 16:48, 30 December 2010 (UTC)

My reply:

"Sarek, if I may shorten your name for brevity, I'm well aware of what constitutes "Original research" and "Synthesis," but I don't think directly quoting a United Nations report constitutes either - and I'll also avoid doing something I haven't yet done, in future. And BTW, your user name leads me to believe you may be associated with some type of group, is that appropriate? And as for taking screen grabs of Wikipedia, I am involved with this blog, a documentary and a new book - so for me (and the rest of the World), they're extremely useful - but thank you for your generous concern."

And here's another reply to me on Wikipedia, which I'm still unable to respond to, because I'm still blocked:

UN article = synthethis

Mention of the UN document has no place in this article on Corby. No doubt it is a fine document and well researched and written - but, it doesn't mention the Corby case (at least as far as I can tell). It's inclusion would therefore be pure synthesis which is original research. Ie, the use of an unrelated text would be creating our own arguments, which while possibly well-intentioned, is not objectivity or neutrality - this is original research and thus against one of the most basic of wikipedia principals. It doesn't matter what part of the article it appears in. If you don't like this, then wikipedia is not the place for you. --Merbabu (talk) 23:46, 30 December 2010 (UTC)

And here's the reply I will post to "Merbabu" when I'm "Unblocked" (if ever):

"Merbabu, there is not a single reference within the current Wikipedia article to the relative price of marijuana in Bali to its price in Australia, at the time Schapelle flew. Obviously, that price differential is (and was), a key aspect of this case, and has been mentioned in multiple articles about Schapelle. Thus this Wikipedia entry is very seriously flawed and incomplete in that respect. I think it is perfectly reasonable to create a section covering that aspect, referencing those articles, and also referencing that key United Nations report - because even though that report does not mention Schapelle (obviously), it is the single substantive (and official), record that anyone, anywhere has of the relative price differential at the time. Obviously, to maintain neutrality, and to avoid accusations of "Synthesis" it should be added without comment either way, so people can make up their own minds. I suggest something like this (with citations added. of course):

At the time Schapelle flew to Bali from Australia, and was arrested there when 4.2 kilos of marijuana was found in her luggage, many Australians doubted her guilt because it was widely believed this drug was a lot cheaper in Bali, than it was in Australia. In fact, on the eve of the verdict, Sydney Morning Herald journalist Matthew Moore wrote an article with this introduction "Perhaps the most compelling reason so many Australians believe Schapelle Corby is innocent is the coals-to-Newcastle argument: why would anyone smuggle marijuana to Bali when it is so easy to get there?" He then went on to claim a type of marijuana called "Aussie Gold" sold in Bali for $A600 an ounce. Further, the Head of Bali's drug squad, Colonel Sugiarto, claimed the existence of a type of Australian marijuana called "Lemon Juice," which he said was stronger and more aromatic than the type found in Indonesia. Matthew Moore did not quote any formal research, or official data, and neither did Colonel Sugiarto. In 2007, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime published a report titled "2007 World Drug Report." On page 233, it says that in 2005, Indonesian marijuana sold for a maximum US 30 cents a gram, and for a maximum $US31 a gram in Australia (page 234). It does not mention "Aussie Gold" or "Lemon Juice."

I also think it should be remembered that this interaction is very well recorded, and there are books, documentaries and films in production - thus this "Interaction" will soon receive very widespread attention. I don't think it's good for the reputation of Wikipedia to be publicly seen blocking official United Nations data, crucially relevant to the issue under discussion. As you can see in my proposal above, I am simply stating some key players made very public reference to the relative price of marijuana at the time - and therefore, the relevance of adding the only official record we have (of that price differential), without prejudicial or unfactual comment either way, should be more than evident to all but the most biased. "Synthesis" implies the word "Thus" between two officially referenced sources. No such connection is being made. The reader is free to make up their own mind.

Well the saga continues, it's now just gone midnight here in Australia, and we're now into the new year on the 1st January 2011 - and it seems I'm now "Unblocked," so I added these comments. We're now waiting for the next episode . . . and one more point, I'm not sure how many "Hits" the Wikipedia article about Schapelle gets, but there's one thing for absolute certain, the coming books, documentaries, film and articles about her will reach an audience of millions more - so in that respect, that squalid little corner of the net is hardly worth time and attention, except for one thing, this (now), publicly captured evidence clearly shows the ongoing political manipulation and censorship of this issue, manipulation which the BBC (and others), have already reported on, re other "Sensitive" Wikipedia subjects. And Sarek thanks, you played your role beautifully, and did exactly as expected - and now, it's captured for posterity.

New comments, lets' see if they stay . . . well yes they have (so far), but "Merbabu" still hiding in his/her dark little corner, and refusing to reveal their background or identity (which speaks volumes), and is now threatening to "Block" me . . . here, but later has the gall to accuse ME of "Intimidation," still refuses to say who they are, and avoids the central issues.

"Merbabu" also objects to the members of Women for Schapelle posting info at Wikipedia, while completely ignoring the fact this key article, about Australian Federal Police corruption and Schapelle, has been continuously blocked there.

And now a member of the "We" tribe has popped up . . . and the "We" tribe replies . . . while the anonymous censors at Wikipedia are now twisting themselves in knots (I've replied in red), to prevent the referencing of this official United Nations report.

Well, it seems the anonymous "We" tribe has decided to censor me for good, and called me "Conspiracy theorist" for suggesting that anonymous article stalkers in cyber space, who point blank refuse to say who they are, might have an agenda on politically sensitive material. Maybe they should whinge to the BBC, because the UK's national broadcaster appears to agree with me. So there you have it folks, key United Nations reports are being blocked and censored from Wikipedia, by people who refuse any form of accountability.

Schapelle Corby - The People Are The Media . . .

Here's some stats about Facebook - and here's the community page about Schapelle, which collates global posts about her, and here's the info posted to 100 Australian/International Facebook pages a day . . . (over 9,000 in just 3 months) . . .
Schapelle Corby - The Evidence File (New)
. . . and considering the precarious state of Australian politics, plus the less-than-glowing reputation of QANTAS, coupled with the coming media storm and headlines, it should make life interesting.

Schapelle Corby & Headlines Just Around the Corner . . .

Click on that picture to enlarge and read . . .

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Schapelle Corby & The Evidence File . . .

Click on that picture to enlarge and read. Link here to that growing and developing project. I'm sure the producer, and feature writers, will find it's an invaluable resource.

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Schapelle Corby & News Reports Just In . . .

Some comments just added to The Daily Telegraph Facebook page (and they'll be replaced if deleted). Click on that picture to enlarge & read. And here they are, with the live links:
Let's hope it's Merry Christmas for Schapelle too, according to this Telegraph report just in:

. .
. considering that according to official United Nations reports, at the time she flew, Bali weed was around 39 cents a gram, and Aussie weed was $40 a gram. More info here:

AFP: Our Keystone Cops

Key facts

Schapelle Corby & Street Interviews

Click on that picture to enlarge & read. For definite posting on You Tube, for likely inclusion in the documentary, for definite mention in the book. Let's see what ordinary Aussies think of our dumb cops, and the glaring truth about Schapelle.

Schapelle Corby - Wishing Everyone Who's Been There For Schapelle a Safe, Loving and Beautiful Christmas

Thank you to every member of Women for Schapelle, and all supporters, everywhere, you're wonderful people - and these messages for Schapelle resonate with so much love and warmth. Together we can do this.
"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead
(PS don't forget the petitions here and here)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Schapelle Corby - A Local News Ad for The New Year . . .

Click on that picture to enlarge & read. This modest effort has already gone to press, and (as you can see), there's more ambitious projects in the pipeline for the New Year . . .

Monday, December 20, 2010

Schapelle Corby - A New Song by Kelly Newton-Wordsworth

Available here, it's beautiful.

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Schapelle Corby & Inspector Clouseau

Click on that picture to enlarge and read.

Schapelle Corby & Inspector Dumbass

Click on that picture to enlarge and read.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Australian Federal Police Cock Ups . . .

Click on that picture to enlarge & read.

Schapelle Corby & ABC Lies

There's a formal complaint (and questions), on their way to ABC Australia. Click on that picture to enlarge and read.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Sydney Morning Herald Claims Aussie Crooks Deliberately Incinerate Their Cash

Click on that fax page to enlarge and read (second page here). Sent to the Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, asking for comment on their claims that Australian criminals regularly trash their cash by smuggling dope to Bali.

And here's Matthew Moore's article. In the 8th paragraph, he claims "Aussie Gold" was regularly sold on the streets of Bali for $600 an ounce (around October 2004, when Schapelle was arrested). That translates to $21 a gram. Here is The 2007 United Nations World Drug Report. Scroll down to page 234, and you will see this table, which quite clearly shows high grade Australian marijuana sold in Australia (at around that time), for $US31 a gram, which translates, with the exchange rates in place at that time, to $A40 a gram. So, using these figures, the 4.2 kilos of marijuana found in Schapelle's luggage was worth $79,800 less in Bali, than it was in Australia - so you'd have to have rocks in your head to deliberately smuggle it there, wouldn't you? And that's assuming this mythical trade in "Aussie Gold" even existed. With these figures staring you in the face, and zero hard evidence for it, it's a very long shot. In that case, the situation gets even more bizarre. On page 233 of that same 2007 UN Report, you'll find this table, which quite clearly says that in 2005, marijuana sold (in Indonesia), for a maximum of $US0.3 a gram, which translates to about 39 cents (Australian), a gram. That means 4.2 kilos of high grade marijuana could be sold for over $166,000 more in Australia, than in Bali.

Schapelle was, and remains, the only person ever (before or since), convicted of smuggling a commercial amount of marijuana from Australia, to Bali. Which means every border cop, in both Indonesia and Australia, is completely blind and stupid, or this trade does not exist, and never has. Looking at these figures, what's your verdict?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Yellow Press

Peter Kerr, Matthew Moore's immediate boss, reckons it's perfectly fine to write an article that damns someone to hell, without quoting a single attributable source, or even doing a shred of attributable research to back up "Anonymous" claims. I know that, because I just asked him. I asked Peter if any of Matthew Moore's assertions (in a shonky article he wrote about Schapelle, at a key juncture), would stand up in court. He freely admitted they wouldn't, but said that was OK, because it was just a newspaper, and they "Didn't have to." He then point blank refused to answer any more questions, relating to the truth (or otherwise), of the piece, despite initially promising he would. Remember that folks, next time you're reading the Sydney Morning Herald, will you? Remember they now openly admit they can write any old crap, crap that wouldn't last 2 seconds in a court of law.

Since then, I've done a huge amount of my own research into Matthew Moore's fraudulent claims (and if he wasn't the architect, he was certainly dumbest dupe alive) - which will, very soon, be the subject of another post . . .

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Project Storm

Click on that picture to enlarge and read. Created by Louise Hopkins, of Women for Schapelle. Full five page report here.

Here's the comments I added:
That report's extremely well put together, thank you Louise - "Project Storm" will certainly shake the foundations, as the documentary's beamed into homes all over the Globe, the book appears on shelves from London to Sydney (and all points in between), and placard waving/flyer bearing women pop up at many different QANTAS terminals (for later syndication on You Tube) - that's on top of the ongoing QANTAS Cover Up logo campaigns (bumper stickers, small stickers, mugs, Christmas cards, T Shirts, Tote bags, Fridge magnets & Email signatures), and the newspaper ads. My fridge magnet's already on proud display in the staff room at work, ditto my daughter's workplace, and three or four of my friends - and my thirty Christmas cards (with the logo on the back), are sent.

Then let's not forget to mention all the surprise elements just around the corner, and the growing interest of some high profile names in the American media, re this formal complaint to their Government about QANTAS - especially as there's a lot of insider chatter about a Hollywood production.

Schapelle Corby - A Practical Christmas Gift for a Young Woman Imprisoned by Injustice, Circulated to Over 14,000 Facebook Supporters

Click on that picture to enlarge and read.

It's a news ad (Wednesday 14th December 2010), in my local paper (circulation nearly 20,000), and it cost me just over $36. Here the pic I used, and I simply asked them to shrink it down to the smallest size possible, whilst ensuring the writing was still legible. And let's face it, Schapelle's face is now a "Trademark" of sorts, instantly recognisable, and instantly sparking a whole range of associations. Pairing it with "Qantas Cover Up" sends an instant message.

Schapelle has over 14,000 supporters on Facebook alone, how about giving your own local paper a call? That's an awful lot of local ads . . .

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Time for the New South Wales Government to Take Responsibility for Airport Terrorists & Drug Smugglers

Click on that picture to enlarge & read.

Dear Kristina and Michael,

Please read this recent correspondence between the New South Wales Police Integrity Commission and myself. Once you've done that, could you please formally acknowledge this information, adding any comment you feel appropriate.

The bottom line is, if and when a plane falls out of the sky after taking off from Sydney Airport, every member of the public and media should know and understand you were fully informed of the New South Wales Police corruption that allowed criminal QANTAS baggage handlers to escape justice.

Regards, Kim

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Schapelle Corby, Terrorism in the Skies & Gutless Investigators

Click on that pic to enlarge and read.

Dear John,

I've just received this letter from your organisation, telling me you don't consider police corruption, which places millions of lives at risk on a daily basis, "Serious" enough to investigate. So shall we get some facts straight? Further, I also require a formal reply to this correspondence.

But before I continue, I think it's useful provide a graphic backdrop, for your information. Firstly, there's a book, and documentary in the pipeline, that will reach hundreds of thousands World wide (if not many, many more), considering the public's continuing fascination with this subject. Your name, your organisation and your decisions will be included. That's one aspect, another is this formal complaint to the USA Transportation Security Administration (re these matters), keenly followed by a senior American journalist, on a leading publication (nameless for the time being). Finally, who knows what's just around the corner, and how the public will react to this hard evidence of your indifference? How naked do you want to get? (watch the clip to end, to get the picture) Metaphorically speaking of course . . .

Here are the facts. On the 8th of October 2004, the day Schapelle flew from Sydney International Airport, Australia, The New South Wales Crime Commission had criminal QANTAS baggage handlers under formal surveillance. This was also the day these "Workers" facilitated the importation of 10 kilos of cocaine, in the bags of an innocent QANTAS passenger, and also the day the New South Wales Crime Commission trashed every single frame of CCTV relating to their activities, and later failed to arrest or charge a single one of them.

Adding to this miasma of corruption/incompetence, the former Assistant Commissioner of The New South Wales Crime Commission, Mark Standen, was in charge of this "Botched" surveillance. He's currently in prison, on very serious drug charges. And if that wasn't enough, his boss Philip Bradley later sold this cocaine on the streets of Sydney, then failed to "Notice" the alleged activities of his now jailed offsider, and has since firmly resisted any and all calls for a deeper inquiry into Standen's activities. And you're now seriously suggesting this drug dealer and blind man should investigate himself? You're a joke John, But it will be a very sour joke when a plane falls out of the sky, won't it?

So I'm formally asking you to re-consider your decision in the light of the above, and get back to me. I look forward to your reply. And at the end of this debacle, I promise you there won't be a single Government authority in Australia able to claim they "Didn't know" or they "Weren't informed." In other words, my expectations of you are extremely low (as regards meeting your responsibilities), but I'm fairly confident you'll do an excellent job in stripping yet another fig leaf from the establishment.

Regards, Kim

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Julian Assange, Two Candles in the Dark

A tale of two high profile Australians . . .

What's happened to Julian Assange is an absolute disgrace, and an unashamed frontal assault on free speech. It's also a PR fiasco, as hundreds and hundreds of thousands rally to his side. The powers-that-be have made a massive millstone round their necks - and the cracks in the system are widening, as our wired and networked World collides with the control freaks. Their crimes against humanity are already acidly described in The Shock Doctrine, and within the pages of Media Lens (and in a multitude of other places). And as Naomi Klein (author of The Shock Doctrine), clearly points out, truth is a powerful antidote to trauma.

Julian is also an Australian shamefully deserted by his country, though this may be an abject lesson in the increasingly obvious, Global Corp has no country, and no loyalties - it's just a big fat tapeworm, feeding off a dying Planet, and increasingly desperate people. I'm reminded of this dramatic quote from Mike Ruppert:

Take a look at Orwell's 1984 again. It is a wonder how he saw so much. Yet behind all of this realignment, enormous streams of wealth or capital are being expended and - most importantly -transferred behind the scenes. The people controlling that money are not seeing their control dissipate as the nation-states vanish. Money makes its own rules.

Profits were made during the cold war by continuing the controlled escalation of tensions between the superpowers while secretly preventing those tensions from reaching critically dangerous levels. The major players included Armand Hammer, the Rothschilds, the Bushes, Averill Harriman, inter alia.

These people always find ways to eke profits from a system that is in meltdown. They make money on the way up. They make money on the way down. Their appalling justification, their pact with the devil that makes this all possible, is that "As long as we're making money then everything must be OK." This is what the real PTB (Powers That Be) believe. This is the final distilled definition of "the bottom line".

The problem lies in the definition of "The Powers That Be." Most people still think in terms of nation states. I always think in terms of money, even to the point of looking at money (the way it functions now) as the PTB without attachment to a human or national identity.

Not too long ago I had a dialogue with Catherine Austin Fitts after which an epiphany struck. As the human race blows itself into extinction, or destroys the climate, or starves itself to death, the last corporate merger and acquisition will take place. And at the same moment as mankind dies, the CFO of "GlobalCorp" will be shouting, "Hooray! We did it!"

So what's an ordinary, working class Australian girl, with no political connections or agenda, got to do with this? Everything actually. Schapelle stumbled into a web of corruption so dark and rancid the spotlight she unwittingly put on it threatened a criminal empire stretched around the Globe. Her youth, beauty and innocence was (and is), like a thousand watt candle, drawing attention to the filthy sewers beneath our pristine corporations.

In fact, the threat she posed was (and is), so great the whole apparatus of state was turned against her - and like another famous Australian woman, Lindy Chamberlain, another victim of corporate corruption, a tried and tested formula was wheeled out. The ingredients have fed fear and loathing for centuries. It was time to burn the witch, blame the hussy for her own predicament. It's a very old theme, "She deserved it," "She provoked/tempted him," "She's manipulative," and plays very well to a certain audience. Forget truth, forget logic, just sing that ancient tune.

Forget the botched forensics . . .

Forget the "Lost" CCTV . . .

Forget the avoided investigations . . .

Forget the QANTAS Criminals . . .

Forget the Payoff's . . .

Forget the airport corruption . . .

Forget the murder . . .

Forget the Macquarie Bank connection . . .

Forget the lies and smear . . .

Just burn the witch, and now let's add the "Rapist" to the fire.

Sign the petition for Julian here. Sign the petitions for Schapelle here.