Thursday, January 28, 2010

ABC running from the truth?

Email to Mr. Maurice Newman AC, Chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Association, sent Friday 29th January 2010.

Dear Maurice,

As you may note, there are a very large number of serious questions HERE in regard to the grossly unsatisfactory conviction of Schapelle Corby, so I have three questions for you.

1. Has the ABC ever pursued these questions, and if so, could you please provide some direct examples?

2. If the ABC has never pursued these questions, can you provide an explanation?

3. When WILL the ABC be pursuing these questions?

I look forward to your very quick response, considering Schapelle's highly precarious state of health at the moment.

Very best wishes, Ms. Kim Bax

Monday, January 25, 2010

Senator Claire Moore, can we have The Wheeler Report please?

Email sent to Senator Claire Moore on Australia Day 2010 . . .

From Kim Bax, to Senator Claire Moore

Hi Claire,

I've just updated this site "Women for Schapelle" with a very prominent, front-page link to info about The Wheeler Report, which exposes serious criminality at Australian airports at the time of Schapelle's arrest. Check it out to see what I mean:

Now Claire, I have a problem. Either my Google search skills are not what they were, or all publicly available versions of the full report have been completely excised from the net. Therefore Claire, can you please forward an electronic copy to me?

Very best wishes, Kim

CC - Every Federal politician in Queensland

Update, 27th Jan 2010 - Claire forwarded the report with great efficiency (thanks Claire), and HERE it is

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Planet are you on Kev?

Women for Schapelle rang the Prime Minister's office to-day, to ask when these questions would be answered. Spoke to an efficient sounding women, who said Kevin would NOT be answering them, just automatically sending them on the the Department of Foreign Affairs. She also offered an estimate (when pressed), that a reply would be in our hands in about 2 weeks

We said what Kevin chooses to do with the questions (now he has them), is his business - but it's obvious from our point of view that this gross travesty of justice, that's left an innocent woman hanging by a thread, and which he's known about for MONTHS, deserves his personal and urgent attention. What planet are you on Kev? Or are you just off in la la land?

And one other thing, we told this very efficient-sounding-woman that if the questions weren't answered in the way we've asked . . .

. . . Schapelle’s life is on the line. Copy them, and put your direct replies beneath each one.

. . . they'd simply be re-sent until Prime Minister Kevin Rudd shows appropriate respect for Schapelle's life, and for the rights of the Australian people.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sydney Morning Herald - 24 Jan 2010

Supporting Pink Ribbon Day are we? Concerned about reaching less Grumpy Old Men, and more high spending hip chicks? You should be So "Women for Schapelle" want some answers from you NOW about your abuse of a mentally ill woman. You published pictures of Schapelle while she was unable to stop you (24 Jan 2010), while this very sick woman was caught like a rabbit in the lens of your parasitic cameras. Who gave you permission to do this, when not even her family are allowed to take photos of her in prison? Who gave you permission, was it a mentally ill woman, too sick to even know what day it is, with nowhere to run to? And when is the Australian press going to do its job, and ask Kevin Rudd the questions "Women for Schapelle" are asking. Disgusting low-life creeps the lot of you. Abusers of women without the means to defend themselves. Raped by your cameras. How would you feel if it was your wife, girlfriend or daughter without a choice? Well, Tom Allard (Sydney Morning Herald reporter), comments to this blog are fully enabled. Crawl out of your hole and answer if you DARE . . . These questions were sent to Tom Allard, by email, on Sunday 24 Jan 2010, so we're waiting . . .

Wednesday, January 20, 2010