Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Planet are you on Kev?

Women for Schapelle rang the Prime Minister's office to-day, to ask when these questions would be answered. Spoke to an efficient sounding women, who said Kevin would NOT be answering them, just automatically sending them on the the Department of Foreign Affairs. She also offered an estimate (when pressed), that a reply would be in our hands in about 2 weeks

We said what Kevin chooses to do with the questions (now he has them), is his business - but it's obvious from our point of view that this gross travesty of justice, that's left an innocent woman hanging by a thread, and which he's known about for MONTHS, deserves his personal and urgent attention. What planet are you on Kev? Or are you just off in la la land?

And one other thing, we told this very efficient-sounding-woman that if the questions weren't answered in the way we've asked . . .

. . . Schapelle’s life is on the line. Copy them, and put your direct replies beneath each one.

. . . they'd simply be re-sent until Prime Minister Kevin Rudd shows appropriate respect for Schapelle's life, and for the rights of the Australian people.