Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Attorney General on the line re Mick Keelty & Schapelle Corby

Dear Robert,

A few days ago, I lodged a complaint to the Australian Federal Police, alleging criminal incompetence and/or corruption, in relation to Mick Keelty's handling of Schapelle Corby's issues. The next day, they sent me off on a wild goose chase to Quentin Bryce, the Governor General, and HERE'S my scathing verdict on that incompetence.

Anyway Robert, HERE'S the missive I sent Quentin Bryce as a result, so now that communication/complaint to Quentin (about Mick Keelty), is in your lap to investigate and report on. Can you please do so. I'll phone your office tomorrow to make sure you have this very serious matter in hand, and find out what the next step is - so I'm sure the next episode in this blog will also be published/circulated tomorrow.

Best wishes, Kim

Urgent update Friday 26th February 2010 (am)

Robert, please also investigate, as a matter of urgency, the gross discrepancy between this letter, and these facts . . .

Further update Friday 26th February 2010 (2.15pm)

Well, I rang the Attorney General's office, at Parliament House, Canberra, on (02) 6277 7300. I spoke to Brooke, who answered the phone. She listened to me politely and attentively, and confirmed I was speaking to the right person, and the right office. However, she was unable to say whether or not the Attorney General had received my correspondence (above), and told me she'd have to do a "Correspondence search." I said fine, and gave her my full name, address, phone numbers and email, to make things easier for her. She noted it all down. I also explained (at length), that my complaint related to possible corrupt behaviour on the part of a former AFP chief (Mick Keelty), in relation to his handling of the Schapelle Corby issues.

So then I asked Brooke when I'd be hearing from Robert McClelland. She said it could take 28 days for me to get an acknowledgment. I told her to tell Robert McLelland (personally), that if I didn't get an acknowledgment within 7 days, I'd be phoning again for an update. At that point Brooke became a little incredulous, and (I felt), a bit abrupt. It didn't seem to compute that I wanted that message to go straight to Robert McLelland. However, I'll be calling Brooke back on Monday 1st March 2010, to make sure that my correspondence turned up the "Search" Brooke promised, and to find out if the urgency of the situation had indeed been relayed to Robert. After all, as well over 1.6 million New Idea readers have been told in a recent article, Schapelle is dangerously ill, and her life is quite literally hanging by a thread - and as New Idea also noted, that horrifying situation has been thoroughly documented in an extensive written report by one of Australia's top psychiatrists, Dr. Jonathan Phillips

Further update Monday 1st March 2010

I rang Robert McLelland's office around 1.40pm, and spoke to Yvette, who works on the switchboard (as she explained when I asked). I said that I had spoken to Brooke on Friday 26th February 2010 (see above), and also explained I was following up on a very serious issue, e.g. a complaint re possibly corrupt behaviour on the part of a former Federal police chief, Mick Keelty. I also explained that Brooke had promised to do a correspondence search, to ensure that my missives had been received. Yvette was very helpful, and confirmed that my correspondence had been received, but also said (when I asked), that it could be up to 6 weeks before I heard anything back in writing. I was very concerned about this, and I wasn't sure if Yvette understood that this wasn't just a "Letter" to the Attorney General, it was formal, official complaint re potentially corrupt behaviour, by a high ranking Federal police officer. I asked to speak to a secretary, and without any problems, I was put through to Katherine. I again explained the situation to Katherine, who again confirmed that all my correspondence had been received. Unfortunately, she also told me that it could be up to 6 weeks before I hear anything at all - and also explained that the automatic, electronic reply to emails (which I received), counts as "Acknowledgment." I did press the point (again), that this wasn't just a "Letter" to the Attorney General, it was a formal, official complaint relating to possibly criminal behaviour. I also explained that I had been formally referred to the Attorney General, by the Australian Federal Police, after (at first), being given a formal "Case" number. Katherine asked if I had included the "Case number" in my complaint to Robert McLelland, and I said that I had. However, she still wasn't hopeful of a response within 6 weeks. Nevertheless, I told her to pass on a message to Robert McLelland, and she said she would. I asked her to tell him I would be calling back on Friday (5th February 2010), to get a further update on the progress of my complaint, and blogging about it. And when I do ring back on Friday, I will want to know who (physically), has my complaint in hand, and what the next step is.