Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Australian Federal Police, just a bad Monty Python Skit?

Top, Robert McClelland - Attorney General of Australia

Bottom, John Cleese . . .

Well, well, well - seems the woman from the AFP who rang me yesterday, telling me to take my complaint about Mick Keelty to Quentin Bryce, the Governor General, badly needs some more staff training. Maybe they could send her to the same re-education camp as Mick, who doesn't seem to know his cocaine from his elbow.

I rang Quentin Bryce's office this morning, and spoke to a completely delightful lady there, Nina Dunn (admin assistant), who was as dumfounded as I was. She reckoned the AFP had stuffed up (not her words, I'm just paraphrasing her reaction), and meant to say Robert McClelland, Attorney General. Gives you great confidence, doesn't it? Investigate Mick Keelty for corruption, when they can't even be bothered to get the basics right? Shows you how seriously they take this stuff, doesn't it . . . pretty scary.

Anyway, the delightful Nina said she wouldn't reply to my missive to Quentin Bryce, re Mick Keelty's alleged corruption, because she'd now cleared up the confusion, so there wasn't any need. I said that would be fine. Nina also added that the Governor General get hundreds of emails all the time from Australians, asking her to help Schapelle Corby . . .