Friday, February 19, 2010

Complaint to Tony Negus, current AFP Chief . . .

Email to Senator Claire Moore . . .

Dear Claire, (CC The World)

I've just called the Australian Federal Police on 07 3222 1222 and asked them to investigate Mick Keelty's apparent (for the moment, until I can ANY official response at all), lies and corrupt behaviour in relation to the Schapelle Corby issues:

(scroll down to section 11)

They assured me (when I asked), that my call was being recorded - and they also have my full name and contact details, which I gave them before they even asked. I also assured them that I'm merely a middle aged registered nurse, bent on a legal and peaceful path at all times. Further, I asked for the information I was giving them to be passed straight on to Tony Negus, and strongly suggested that Tony Negus should contact you re the grass roots publicity this issue has already received, and will continue to receive. I also mentioned Gary Lee Rogers, and the questions that many people are still asking about his death. The woman I was speaking to didn't know who Gary Lee Rogers was, but I assured her that both Mick Keelty and Tony Negus would recognise the name immediately.

Regards, Kim