Sunday, February 28, 2010

KN2020 - at LAST, an investigation into Schapelle's "Supplier"

Bligh hides Qld police corruption?

. . . . let's hope not.

In 2004, someone (very possibly in Queensland), must have supplied Schapelle Corby with 4.2 kg of Marijuana, worth around $40,000 at the time (that's if she's "Guilty"). Obviously, this points fairly and squarely at a supplier working within organised crime. But the Queensland Police appear to have conducted NO investigation into how Schapelle Corby "Acquired" $40,000 worth of marijuana. This is extremely bizarre, so to-day, I rang Roma Street Police Station, and reported a crime. I reported that in 2004, a person most likely working within organised crime, apparently "Supplied" Schapelle Corby with $40,000 worth of marijuana, and that the Queensland Police completely failed to carry out any investigation into it. I reported that I wanted this apparent (quite bizarre), failure investigated. Surely to goodness, we can't just leave Queensland crime lords free to supply anybody and everybody with $40,000 worth of marijuana, now can we? Surely this deserves serious investigation?

So to-day I spoke to a Senior Constable Nolan, at Roma Street Police Station. She took down my complaint, but was quite incredulous. She said that "Of course" there MUST have been a Queensland Police investigation into HOW Schapelle acquired $40,000 worth of marijuana in Australia. I very firmly re-iterated that there wasn't, and I got the impression she thought I was crazy. I mean, for God's sake, OF COURSE the Queensland Police investigated it (to paraphrase Senior Constable Nolan's shocked reaction). Anyway (and God bless Senior Constable Nolan), she agreed to take down my complaint e.g., that NO Queensland Police investigation was carried out, and gave me a "Case" number, which was/is KN2020. I also gave my full contact details to Senior Constable Nolan.

Tomorrow, I will be calling Roma Street Police to inquire on the progress of KN2020. Should be interesting. Maybe (at last), the Queensland Police can flush out the culprit, you know, the swine who "Supplied" Schapelle Corby with $40,000 worth of marijuana - and it's about time they did. But wouldn't it be a bummer if they discovered the scumbag in question was the allegedly corrupt AFP cop, and colleague (many say friend), of Mick Keelty, Mark Standen? You know, the geezer who was heavily into smuggling drugs through Sydney Airport (via innocent passengers luggage), during a police drugs operation there, Operation Mocha, same day, same time, same terminal. And it would be an even bigger bummer if the complete failure of the AFP, and the Queensland Police, to do a proper "Investigation" of Schapelle's "Supplier" protected Mark Standen for another few years . . . and here (for the convenience of the Queensland Police), are key questions that need to be answered . . . (section 2 is especially relevant).

Update - Tuesday 2nd March 2010

Checked up on the above to-day. Eventually got put through to "Crime Stoppers" again, which (it appears), is where Senior Constable Nolan works (the officer who took my complaint last night, and gave me the reference number KN2020). This time I spoke to Police Officer Mark Beckman. He assured me that "Crime Stoppers" had forwarded KN2020 to The State Intelligence Group, and that the matter was now out of their hands, as Crime Stopper had forwarded the issues appropriately. So I therefore rang The State Intelligence Group (simply by calling Roma Street Police Headquarters, and asking for them), to check up on the progress of this major crime report.

I spoke to an Amanda on the switchboard there, who told me that The State Intelligence Group doesn't use numbers like KN2020 (it's a numbering system unique to "Crime Stoppers" apparently), and therefore there may be some problems "Tracking" the complaint. I told Amanda this was bizarre (in my view). What's the point of Crime Stoppers issuing reference numbers for complaints, if the police don't use them to track their progress? Anyway, I told Amanda that I'd already spoken to Crime Stoppers, who had confirmed this very serious complaint had been passed on to them (The State Intelligence Group), and that I (therefore), wanted to speak to someone in the State Intelligence Group, to ensure that it had been received, and find out who would be dealing with it.

Amanda told me that she'd pass my message on, and get someone to call me back. I never got an adequate explanation as to why she couldn't put me through to someone there and then, although I asked. I said if I hadn't heard back in a couple of hours, I'd call again. I then asked Amanda who was in overall charge of The State Intelligence Group, at which point she got very defensive with me, like she thought it was really strange I was even asking, and put the phone down on me.

Anyway, I rang Roma Police Street Police Head Quarters again, and simply asked the person on the switchboard who was in overall charge of The State Intelligence Group. They told me it was Robert Weir, and I asked to be put through to The State Intelligence Group again, and again spoke to Amanda. I explained that I'd already received the information I'd requested from her, from the switchboard, and asked why she'd put the phone down on me. It appears she was a bit confused about what I was asking . . . maybe she needs a little more training in customer communications? Though she assured me again (on this second phone call), that she had passed my message on, and someone would be calling me back.

Update - Tuesday 2nd March 2010, 3.20pm

Further to the above, no-one had called me back by around 3.10pm, so I rang the State Intelligence Group again. Again, I spoke to Amanda on the switchboard. She put me straight through to a Senior Sergeant Bruce Miller. He said that he was aware of my complaint, and also mentioned (without my prompting), a fact I'd mentioned in my previous conversation with Senior Constable Nolan, e.g. that there was no police search of Schapelle's Father's duplex at Tugun, on the Gold Coast, even though Schapelle packed her bags there (before her flight to Bali). See Section 2, question 2 HERE , so I gave Senior Sergeant Bruce Miller those web details, and told him he could access all the unanswered questions there. He wrote them down.

So then Bruce told me he'd allocated my complaint a Q-Prime number, and had passed it on to the State Drug Squad, which was part of the State Crime Operations Command I asked Bruce what that number was, but he couldn't tell me, as he wasn't logged into the computer at the time - however, he said anyone could find it, simply by searching for the name "Schapelle Corby." I asked Bruce when I'd be hearing anything further, he said someone would be in touch in "Due course."

Here's the command structure of State Crime Operations Command . . .

State Crime Operations Command
Assistant CommissionerRoss Barnett
336 46889phone
Chief SuperintendentMick Condon
336 46316phone
Staff OfficerInsp Joanne Aitken
336 46675phone
Executive SecretaryRachael Williamson
336 46889phone

So I'll be in touch if I've not heard back within a couple of days . . . because a young Australian women is dying in an Indonesian hell hole, for a crime that was never investigated.

Update - Wednesday 3rd March 2010

Well, after getting shoved around from one police department to the other this morning, I'm feeling a bit like Asterix, but we eventually got there. Ended up speaking to Geoff Davies, who is a plains clothes sergeant in the State Drug & Property Crime Group, in their Intel section. He confirmed that he is now in personal receipt of my original complaint, and that it's his job to assess that complaint, advise on it, and pass it on as appropriate. I therefore asked Geoff if I could have his personal email address, so I could pass some further information on to him. He kindly agreed, so I sent him THIS and THIS I will phone Geoff again tomorrow, to get an update. After all this is urgent, an Australian woman is dying in an Indonesian hell hole, convicted of a crime that was never investigated.

Update - Friday 5th March 2010

I rang Roma Street Police Headquarters, and asked to speak to Geoff Davies in The State Drug & Property Crime Group (to get an update on the above). I got put through to that department, and spoke to Amanda, who told me she's a secretary. She told me that Geoff Davies is not in to-day, and is not expected back at work until Sunday 7th March. I gave her a message, asking Geoff Davies to call me. I gave her my home phone number, and my mobile number. Amanda took those details down, and said she'd send Geoff Davies an email. When I next speak to Geoff, I'll ask for an update on progress so far, as I believe the export and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana in this country is a very serious crime. I'll also be asking for his expert opinion on why Brisbane Domestic Airport, Sydney Domestic Airport and Sydney Domestic Airport weren't immediately treated like the formal crime scenes they were, which should have included the immediate (and expert), preservation of physical evidence/CCTV. I'll also be asking him if Tony Wilson's assertions (on page 22 of his book), in regard to no Queensland Police searches of highly possible crime scenes (that were under Queensland Police jurisdiction), are correct.

Update - Sunday 7th March 2010

Geoff Davies, plains clothes police officer in the State Drug & Property Crime Group eventually rang me back just before midday (thanks Geoff), after I rang him this morning and couldn't get through. I'd left a message with one of his colleagues.

Geoff said he's still looking into the issues, but he'd had some trouble accessing some of the links I'd sent him, because of certain restrictions on Government computers (e.g. in relation to accessing external websites). Geoff said he'd be able to overcome these problems soon though.

I asked Geoff if it's routine police procedure to immediately preserve all physical evidence at crime scenes (like CCTV), and Geoff said that was correct, although the Queensland Police don't have responsibility for airports, and he couldn't comment on Australian Federal Police activities. However, in my view, what with a major AFP drugs operation running at Sydney Airport on the very day Schapelle flew (Operation Mocha), and then the immediate reporting of a high profile crime ($40,000 worth of marijuana in Schapelle's luggage at Bali Airport), allegedly originating from Brisbane Domestic Airport, through Sydney Domestic and Sydney International, it's inconceivable that not a single frame of CCTV from any of those three terminals was immediately preserved. In fact, if that's the case, heads should roll, and major questions should be asked (in my opinion).

I also mentioned (again), that Schapelle's premises at Tugun and Loganlea (where she packed, then stayed the night before her departure), had not been examined by the Queensland Police. Geoff said he wasn't in the job at that time, but he'd certainly be looking into that aspect. He said he'd call me back on Wednesday, and I thanked him for that. Geoff was very pleasant and easy to talk to, and seemed to take note of what I was saying.

Update - Wednesday 10th March 2010

As far as I'm aware, there was no phone call from Geoff to-day as promised (see above). I'm available Friday morning (12th March), if he can call me then please. I need an update on what the Queensland Police are doing in relation to investigating the supply and export of $40,000 worth of marijuana. Can't even call it a "Re-investigation," simply because there was no serious or professional probe in the first place.