Monday, February 22, 2010

Mick Keelty under investigation? Day 2

Tony Negus - current AFP Chief

Well, I rang the Australian Federal Police again this morning (in Sydney on 02 9286 4000), and spoke to a very nice lady called Chris on The National Switchboard for the AFP. I asked to speak to Tony Negus. Chris told me that Tony Negus doesn't take calls from the public, so I then explained that my issues related to potential corruption vis a vis Mick Keelty (and my formal complaint relating to it), and that while I was on the phone, I'd also like to discuss (with Tony Negus), re-opening an investigation into the mysterious death of Gary Lee-Rogers, as I guess the coroner may have been a bit nervous of bloodied knives herself in the circumstances.

Chris was excellent. She said she'd speak to Tony Negus's office (possibly his personal assistant), to find out if they'd take the call. She was gone for a while. When she came back, she told me his office had refused to speak to me. So then Chris put me through to The Complaints Management Team. I spoke to a Sue Spencer.

Sue was very pleasant, and as helpful as she could be under the circumstances. I gave her my complaint number (4077), and directed her to sections 2 and 11 of these questions. I said the information in those sections went to the core of my complaint about Mick Keelty. I also informed her I'd sent this letter about Gary Lee-Rogers to many, many newspapers, and that I was also blogging (daily), about the progress of complaint number 4077 - and circulating the link far and wide. So I also suggested that in those circumstances, she might want to pass that info on to Tony Negus. Sue said she would consider doing that (no promises).

I asked who now has control of my complaint, and what type of time frame I could expect. Sue said she wasn't "In" the computer system at the time of our call, so she couldn't look up those facts straight away, and that a "Time frame" was a bit difficult to pin down. I asked her what would be a good time to call back, so someone would be able to access the computer system for that information. Sue suggested tomorrow. I said I'd do that.

So tomorrow, I'll be ringing the AFP again - and again, I'll be asking to speak to Tony Negus. He can take my call or otherwise, but whatever his decision, it will be on public record. I'll also do as Sue suggested, and get someone to check the AFP computer systems re complaint number 4077.

Urgent update

Not very long after posting the above, I had phone call from Kelly Knight, of The Complaints Co-ordination Team (AFP), saying that my complaint against Mick Keelty had been terminated by the AFP, because she said it was a "Non-complaint" under part 5 of the AFP Act 1979 - and that I'd have to take my complaint to Quentin Bryce, Governor General of Australia. She also said the AFP was unable to re-investigate the death of Gary Lee-Rogers (despite the fact he was a serving Australian Protective Services Officer at the time of his death), because the death did not occur under their jurisdiction. She said I'd have to contact the NSW Police in regard to that (as it occurred in their geographical area). I said I'd get straight on both Quentin Bryce and the commissioner of the NSW Police. Kelly also said she was also drafting a letter to me to-day. I asked her to also email it to me as a PDF document, so I could expedite it's publication to the web ASAP. She said she'd try, but wasn't sure if that would be possible. In any case, at whatever point in time that I receive it, it will be published.

So there you are fellow Australians, if you ever want to report an ex-AFP chief for potential criminal misconduct and corruption, don't complain to the AFP about it - and if you ever want to ask them how one of their serving officers died from "Natural causes" accompanied by a bloodied knife and pillow case, after frantic warning his death "Wouldn't be an accident," don't go to the AFP about that either. Only in Australia, eh?