Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dying in plain sight . . .

Extract from the blog post from a close family friend, who has known Schapelle's family for over 25 years . . .

Schapelle has been officially diagnosed as insane. In the doctor’s own words . . .

“Schapelle is suffering from a severe psychotic illness accompanied by delusions, hallucinations and thought disorder. At times, her fragile mind and body shut down and she sinks into a catatonic state.”…. “She has no hope, her treatment is inadequate and cannot work in the current (prison) environment. She is condemned to a private hell which is hard to contemplate and which will probably end in death.”

Schapelle has already lacerated her arms, knees and face with broken glass. She will not survive much longer.

Even when Schapelle’s mental state was better, she still suffered immeasurably. Being a female prison inmate in a Muslim ruled country immediately places you at a disadvantage.

Unlike the men, women are not allowed to play sports, or work out in a gym, they do not have access to television and there is no furniture of any kind in their cells.

The lucky ones, those with support on the outside, sleep on thin mattresses, the rest sleep on sarongs spread out over the concrete floor.

The men can come and go from their cells pretty much whenever they want to, whereas the women are locked up for 15 hours a day, sitting around most of the time, barely moving.

Contrary to what some may believe, Schapelle does not get out of prison to wine and dine with her sister whenever she feels like it. She never has and she never will, until she is free, and has been cured (hopefully) of her serious mental illness.

Schapelle used to read books but can no longer do so, due to her inability to concentrate and the phobias she has about practically everything. Even reading short letters from friends is now almost beyond her. Until recently she was making beaded necklaces, bracelets and anklets, one of the very few things that the prison authorities allowed her to do, but now struggles even with this.

The simple acts of washing, dressing and eating, at times, be too much for her to manage on her own, depending on her level of lucidity. At times like this, her sister Mercedes has to come into the prison and assist her with these basic functions, a job which nearly breaks her heart.

Even if her former request to start up beauty therapy classes for her fellow prisoners was now granted, it is highly unlikely she would be capable of running them.

The toilet in the corner of the cell occasionally blocks up spewing human waste out onto the floor which can sometimes remain there for days until the problem is fixed and the floor cleaned.

Additionally, the stench from outside, the heat and humidity, the mosquitoes, the red ants that bite at night leaving welts and scars, and the rats, remind Schapelle every day of exactly where she is.

The prison is rife with diseases like Aids and Hepatitis and Schapelle suffers regularly from severe eye and ear infections. Her hair has gone prematurely grey and has to be dyed constantly to maintain its black appearance.

In her 5 plus years of imprisonment, Schapelle has witnessed all manner of horrors, horrors that no young woman should ever have to see - prisoners being bashed to a pulp, kicked in the face until it’s just blood and bone, girls attacking each other with broken glass, women miscarrying in her cell, and several suicides.

She has endured this without the assistance of trauma counselling, which we would all expect to receive for witnessing far less.

She said in her book, written in 2006, “I never know what I’ll see next but I do know that in my future there’ll be many more grim, disgusting sights I can’t yet even imagine.”

In 2010, there is not much left that Schapelle has not seen.

Full post HERE

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Neil Roberts, Queensland Police Minister, please ensure this crime report is actioned

Good afternoon Neil,

I've put in this very serious crime report to Detective Superintendent John Pointing of the Queensland Police, regarding the unanswered issues surrounding the Schapelle Corby case, but now (as you can see), I'm unable to get him to return my calls. Can you please follow this up for me, and ensure these vital matters are handled in a timely and efficient manner, and given the full respect and resources they deserve.

Very best wishes, Kim


I rang Neil before close of business, and asked his staff if this information had been received. They confirmed it had.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Brendan O'Connor, you're in the frame too . . .

Brendan O'Connor is the Minister for Home Affairs, and formally responsible for the Federal Police. To-day I spoke to Marie in his office, and formally notified him of my direct criminal complaint to AFP Chief Tony Negus, and he has a copy of it. I'll be calling him soon, to make sure he follows it up for me, and ensures AFP Chief Tony Negus does the job the tax payers fund him for.

Update, 2.21 pm, Wednesday 31st March 2010

Just spoke to Brendan's office, they confirmed they have this correspondence.

Crime Report to Tony Negus, Chief of the Australian Federal Police

Goodmorning Tony, I'm now reporting a Federal crime directly to you, because no-one else in your organisation will take the complaint from me.

As of Tuesday 30th March 2010, I'm formally reporting the export of around $40,000 worth of marijuana from this country, to Bali, on Friday October 8th 2004. It was found in the bag of a Ms. Schapelle Corby when she arrived in Bali, after flying via Brisbane Domestic airport, Sydney domestic and Sydney international. Inexplicably, this crime was not investigated by your organisation at the time, so it now needs to be investigated as a matter of urgency. "Export" of illegal drugs from this country is a Federal crime, for which your organisation is responsible. There is now good evidence to suggest that corrupt insiders, who were running a major drugs operation from Sydney Airport the very hour Schapelle flew (same terminal even), were responsible for inadvertently leaving these drugs in Schapelle's bag.

I am forced to take this complaint directly to you, because I did (originally), report this Federal crime to Agents Craig Jacks and Patrick Law in Brisbane. They took down the details, and told me they had put in formal report. I asked where this report would be dealt with. I was told (by Patrick Law), that it was now in the hands of Tim Morris's department. When I rang Mr. Morris's department, Fran (his PA), told me it was nothing to do with him, and referred me to Fiona Drennan's department (AOCC). When I tried to speak to Fiona Drennan, I was told she was on the phone, and referred through to Agent John Kooyam. Agent John Kooyam refused to take any details from me, and hung up. When I phoned back to speak to Fiona Drennan (his boss), she refused to take my call. I then complained to Roman Quaedvlieg who is (I believe), in overall charge of Fiona Drennan and John Kooyam.

I sent Roman an extensive personal email about the situation. When I rang Roman, quite a few days after sending him this email, he refused to take my call, and directed me through to the Winchester Call Centre (in Canberra). The Winchester Call Centre did take my crime complaint, and allocated it a formal "Crime" number, but they rang me back this morning. Seems Roman didn't have a clue what he was doing, because the Winchester Call Centre (they told me this morning), only deals with "Canberra crime." Thus my crime complaint had to be "Deleted" from their system. They did not offer to forward it as appropriate.

When I rang the AFP back this morning and asked to speak directly to you, they said you "Don't take calls from the public." I told the switchboard operator to please go through to your office, and tell them it was me calling, because you would recognise the name immediately. You obviously did, because (without any warning), I found I was speaking to the Professional Standards department. I thanked the Professional Standards department, but told them I didn't need them at this stage, because I was trying to report a Federal crime. I then rang back, and asked to speak to you again. You refused to take my call, however, you have an email address, and if you won't take my formal crime complaint over the phone, you can now have it in writing - along with the rest of the World. Here it is Tony. Now damn well do your job.

There are many disturbing aspects to the Schapelle Corby case, and I also strongly suggest you bring in some type of internal investigator (vis a vis police corruption).

From the outset, it should have been apparent to any reasonable law enforcement agency that two crimes had also been committed in this country, e.g. export and supply. That amount of marijuana doesn't just hang around on street corners, there was obviously a significant supplier involved. I believe the non-investigation of this supplier points to significant police corruption at the time.

From the very beginning, all involved law enforcement agencies in this country should have been co-operating with the Indonesian police to solve the two crimes that had been committed here. This should not have been too hard. I believe there very cordial links, including training and exchange with Australia. General Pastika is even a personal friend of ex-AFP Chief Mick Keelty.

Schapelle's luggage should have been weighed at Bali Airport. This would have determined whether or not the drugs were placed in her luggage BEFORE check-in at Brisbane Airport, or AFTER check-in. The complete failure of the Indonesian Police to do this (see Sat March 5 2005), and the complete failure of the Australian Police to advocate for (and co-operate with), the Indonesian Police on this absolutely basic point is breath taking. The same goes for the complete failure to test the haul for finger prints and DNA (see Sat March 5 2005), because without question, this should have been a joint Australian/Indonesian investigation. Obviously, if Schapelle's finger prints and DNA were present within the bag containing the drugs, it would have very firmly pointed to her guilt. On the other hand, if Schapelle wasn't involved, this crucial physical evidence would (very likely), have nabbed career criminals within Australia. Further still, Schapelle begged for this testing, only to be met with a wall of lies (on this crucial point), from the highest levels. This crucial evidence was then burnt, without a shred of protest from the Australian police (see Tues 12 Oct 2004).

Obviously, the complete failure of all police forces to carry out these two very basic investigations (luggage weight and fingerprints/DNA), would have strongly protected any corrupt insiders, and prevented their detection.

It's also absolutely basic that the place where Schapelle packed her bags should have been investigated and searched by police, as well as the place she slept the night before she flew. I believe neither of these investigations were carried out by the Queensland Police (see page 22 of Tony Wilson's book). Further still, Schapelle's banking and phone records should have been thoroughly investigated. If they were not investigated, I regard this as a gross dereliction of normal police process, and if they were investigated (and came up clean), this is crucial evidence that should have been made public at her trial. It was not.

Further still, Brisbane Domestic Terminal, Sydney Domestic Terminal and Sydney International Airport were all official crime scenes relating to the supply and export of $40,000 worth of marijuana. All relevant CCTV should have been preserved immediately. Every single frame disappeared without trace, and this was also while another major crime sting was underway at Sydney Airport, same hour and same terminal. I believe the police officer who was in charge of that operation (Mark Standen), is now on remand in prison, awaiting trial on a 120 million dollar drug charges.

Now time is running out, Schapelle could die any day. It's time for you to stop passing the hot potato, and do the job you're paid to do. It should have been done 6 years ago.

Regards, Kim


Important update, Wednesday 31st March 2010

Rang AFP HQ this morning, and asked the switchboard to ask Tony Negus's office whether or not he has received the above. They were gone a few minutes, and then came back and confirmed he has got it.

Further note

An invitation to Senior Detective Gerry Fletcher to PLEASE go back to his real duties, and lead this vital investigation. You are absolutely the best person for this job.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little people making a difference . . .

Here's the very sorry saga of trying to report a major crime to the Australian Federal Police . . .

But this morning, around 11.30 am (Qld time), on Monday 29th March 2010, I spoke to a Ms. Robyn Eisman, radio dispatcher in the AFP's Communication Centre at Winchester, and she put in a formal crime report on my behalf.

So, how an earth did I end up speaking to Ms. Robyn Eisman, AFP radio dispatcher, when I rang the AFP's National Switchboard in Canberra, and asked to speak to big boss Roman Quadvlieg? Well, I simply rang Canberra, asked to speak to Roman, gave my full name, and found myself listening to music for about 10 minutes (that was probably while he was desperately figuring out a way to avoid me). Next thing I knew, and without any warning, I was speaking to Ms. Robyn Eisman, radio dispatcher in the Communications Centre. She was as confused as I was as to how and why I'd ended up speaking to her. However, the Universe has a way of finding balance and justice, and had obviously led me to the right person.

I explained the background to Robyn, and she was as horrified as me. Yes, she said, export of $40,000 worth of marijuana is definitely a Federal crime, and definitely needs to be reported and investigated. She asked for my full name and contact details, which I provided without hesitation. She then completed an "Information Report," formal number 963 583, and put it into the system. That "Information Report" was based on the same details I gave Queensland police officer John Pointing. She said that once it's in the system they "Can't make it go away." At that point, I must admit, I got a bit teary. Such blazing humanity and integrity was (and is), a huge reminder that there are excellent people in our police, people that desperately need the support and protection of the whole community.

After thanking Robyn, I put the phone down, and rang the AFP's Canberra HQ again, to find out what was going on. Why had I been put on hold for 10 minutes when I'd asked for Roman Quadvlieg, then (without warning or explanation), been put through to the AFP's Communication Centre at Winchester? That was easy to figure out. When Roman found out who was calling (me), he refused to take my call, or even allow it through to his office (so I could speak to his secretary). He directed the good ladies on the switchboard to simply transfer me through to the AFP's Communications Centre at Winchester. So I asked the good ladies on the switchboard (who are brilliant, and simply doing their job in difficult circumstances), to relay a message to Roman for me. They said they would. I gave them the crime reference number Robyn had given me, and told them to tell Roman I would be blogging about his disgracefully unprofessional behaviour, and circulating the information to the World.

And the next step? I'll phone Roman again tomorrow, to find out what he's doing with Ms. Robyn Eisman's crime report. As she said, it's in the system now, they can't make it go away.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Facebook, accountability & our politicians . . .

Facebook is a wonderful tool for making our politicians directly accountable to the people they represent. Some pollies have embraced the 21st century by creating public and fully interactive
Facebook sites for themselves, where even the hard and unpopular questions can be asked. Those that have done this (from all parts of the political spectrum), should be congratulated for their openness, and promotion of true democracy. However, some incumbents are either deleting the difficult questions from their Facebook page, and "Banning" the people that ask them, or they don't have a public Facebook page at all. This isn't good for the voters, as it excludes them from direct interaction.

However, unofficial Facebook pages are a way of addressing this problem. It goes without saying that politicians, just like anyone else, shouldn't tolerate untrue and libellous statements, or posts that are sick and/or abusive. Of course that kind of thing should be deleted and banned. But they should be directly accountable to the people for legitimate questions, now that we (at last), have the technology to allow that.

We can inform our local politician of their "Unofficial" page, and draw their attention to the concerns and/questions we've posted, and leave the rest up to them. If they choose to ignore it, so be it, but their avoidance will be visible to the World.

Bring Schapelle home or she'll die, "New Idea" Magazine, 2010

(Important update on the below, Tues 30 March 2010, Julia Gillard turns her back on Schapelle, click HERE)

This recent article in New Idea magazine couldn't have been more explicit, or dramatic. Yet incredibly, despite a readership of over 1.6 million Australian women, both Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd chose to ignore it.

Not even Schapelle's closest family can get Julia or Kevin, or anyone else in Government, to acknowledge this leading doctor's report, let alone discuss it with them. Incredibly, Julia and Kevin have had it for over nine months, and done nothing. Schapelle's condition is as desperate and dangerous now as it was then. She is completely without medical help or supervision, an extremely vulnerable young woman in a place rife with all kinds of abuse and depravity.

Here's an on-line letter to get Julia and Kevin's Government to do the right thing. Please send it to them. It only takes a few clicks.

Update, 3.37 pm, Monday 29th March 2010

Earlier to-day, I posted these comments to Julia Gillard's Facebook wall

Julia, I'll give your office a call tomorrow, again (Mon 29 March), and ask to speak to Emma, who I spoke to before. As you can see from that Women's Weekly article (above), and the New Idea article, Schapelle is very dangerously ill, and currently in an extremely hazardous environment where she could (due to her vulnerability), easily become a victim of rape, sexual assault and/or physical violence. Kathryn Bonella's book is disturbingly graphic on those points, and I believe Schapelle has already witnessed the horrific outcome of a pack rape on another very vulnerable young woman. This is incident is documented in Kathryn's book. Schapelle is also a major danger to herself. Despite this, you have done nothing to ensure her safety, or provide professional medical care. When I speak to Emma tomorrow, I will want to know what you're doing in the next 24 hours, as a matter of extreme urgency, to remove Schapelle from the danger of assault, self-harm and potential death. I'll also be updating my blog-post (above), accordingly.

Hotel Kerobokan, by Kathryn Bonella

Have you read this Woman's Weekly article Julia

Because 1 in 4 Australian women have

Unlike a news article, it's not tomorrow's bin liner.

And then (as promised), I managed to catch up with Emma in Julia Gillard's office. Emma showed no humanitarian concern, or interest in Schapelle at all. Here's some examples of the reception I received. When I asked Emma to slow down a bit, so I could note her remarks, she said . . . .

"I'm not going to slow down so you can write these points down."

"I'm not repeating myself."

. . . and included a dismissive snort/laugh when I (unfortunately very forcibly, because she wasn't taking any notice), asked her to show some respect, by giving me enough time to write important points down.

Emma explained that Julia Gillard receives a phenomenal amount of information, all very important, and all vying for her attention. I told Emma I appreciated that, but Schapelle is in a situation where she could die in the next minute, hour or day - not to mention the severe risk of rape, sexual assault and/or physical assault that hangs over her head.

It then became apparent that Emma naively thought Schapelle was in a "Women's Prison." So I clearly explained to Emma that Schapelle was in a very small "Women's Section," surrounded by a large population of men. In the case of the pack rape of another vulnerable female prisoner (the aftermath of which Schapelle witnessed), Kerobokan Jail was virtually commanded by cohesive gang members, who intimidated the guards by making threats to their families and friends on the outside. This is clearly documented in Kathryn Bonella's new, best selling book, Hotel Kerobokan.

In those circumstances, and knowing she could be next (amongst other stressors), it's hardly surprising Schapelle's mental health is as bad as it is. I asked Emma how she would feel in that situation, with those daily threats hanging over her head. She refused to comment.

Emma then said there was nothing else she could provide me with at this time, and said she was not in a position to make any further comment, or make any decisions. So I asked Emma who WAS in a position to make further comment, and/or decisions. Emma refused to say. She refused to tell me their names, and refused to ensure that my contact details would be passed on to them. Here's a direct quote when I asked . . .

"No, I won't be doing that. I can't. I'm sorry."

Emma said all I could do was "Wait" for reply to my letter to Julia Gillard, and gave me no indication how long I would have to "Wait." She just refused to say.

Anyway, at the end of our conversation, I told Emma that I would be calling back by close of business on Tuesday 30th March 2010, to ensure that she had discussed these very serious issues with those very mysterious people who ARE in a position to make decisions. I want to know what their next move is, along with over 1.6 million Australian women.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chris Trevor MP (Flynn/Gladstone), ignores Schapelle's lethal illness . . .

. . . and increasing new evidence of police corruption in her arrest and imprisonment. Click on the pic to the left to enlarge it. This is the post that Chris ignored, then deleted from his wall. HERE is a follow-up post to Julia Gillard's wall that gives much more (hard), background to the issues, as well as THIS further post to Chris's wall.

And here's more vital info about Gary Lee Rogers, Gerry Fletcher, Mark Standen and Schapelle Corby (as mentioned in those further wall posts to Julia and Chris).

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now "Women for Schapelle" are getting death threats . . .

I got this in my email box this evening, I’m reporting it to the highest levels in the Queensland police, and posting it all over the net . . . Just spoke to Roma Street police HQ, they gave me a "Job" number, and told me two detectives are coming to my home this evening, to take further details. Further still, the idiot who wrote it obviously hasn't heard of Schapelle Corby's 50,000 plus supporters, or the 90,000 plus people who have read Schapelle's book, or the 1.6 million readers of New Idea magazine. They obviously haven't heard of Facebook or personal blogs either, because in the 21st Century, Fox, Murdoch, Fairfax, the ABC et al can quite literally go to hell when it goes to breaking the news. No attack against ANY supporter of Schapelle Corby would stay "Quiet." So dream on sweetheart, who ever you are. You're obviously living in another era. Wake up to our networked and wired World. (Update, further research on the exact source of that threat below HERE and HERE). I guess they have an IP address. I've also emailed this mob to alert them to the fact death threats are being sent from their site, and told them I'm contacting their local police about it, so they'd better save the info. They've also (very thoughtfully), provided a postal address for their business. And here are their terms of service, so I guess they won't be too chuffed. I've also sent them an abuse report via their on-line form, and asked them to save all relevant information, because they will be contacted by the Queensland, Australia police.

From: Anonymous

Subject: Accident or Murder--You Decide

Date: 23 March 2010 7:52:13 PM AEST

To: Kim Bax

A drunk Prague police officer stabbed to death a senior U.S. Department of Defense worker stationed in Germany during the night between January 29-30, 2008.

The original story as reported by Mlada Front DNES, one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the Czech Republic:

You will not find the story on Fox's website. Not on CNN's website. Not on msnbc's website. Not on CBS's website. Even though soon after the incident occurred, I sent the story to the editors at two of these websites. (My sarcastic comment: If the US wants to make its borders impenetrable, consult with the international news media.)

In fact, the story never again appeared in the Czech news.


I have been told two interesting facts related to this story:

1. The senior DOD worker was on a sightseeing trip to the Czech Republic with friends. While they were driving around Prague, the police officer gave the middle finger to their car. The senior DOD worker got out of the car to see why the police officer flipped them off. (Bad decision) At that point, the stabbing occurred. Witnesses state that the senior DOD worker did not physically provoke the attack.

2. The incident occurred on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday of the same week, the police officer was released from custody. End of story.


1. When the International Mafia needs to "fix" a problem, they first gather intelligence (important word--don't forget it) about the problem.

If the problem's family seems like the type who will simply accept the problem's "suicide" or "accident", then the "fix" proceeds in the problem's country.

However, if the problem's family will leave no stone unturned to determine the true explanation, then the "fix" is moved to another country. Factors such as distance, expense, and language barrier should slow down most "overly inquisitive" families.

2. London (Reuters Thu Nov 1, 2007)

Police shot Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, seven times in the head after he boarded an underground train in south London on July 22, 2005.

They had wrongly identified him as one of four men who had tried to attack the city's transport system a day earlier.

No individual police officers have been punished over the shooting.

New York (Fox April 10, 2008)

Three detectives were acquitted of all charges Friday in the 50-shot killing of an unarmed man on his wedding day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Julia Gillard, here's the letter you asked for . . .

Hi Julia, I'm sending this to you in an email, along with my full contact details (as requested).

After posting these questions on your Facebook site re Schapelle Corby's health, and the refusal of the AFP to investigate a crime, I rang your office back (as promised). Reception immediately put me through to Emma, who was very polite and reasonable to talk to (thank you Emma). I asked Emma what her official position was, but she wouldn't divulge that.

Emma advised me that you are unable to answer these complex questions on Facebook, and that you have many hundreds of requests, all the time, about a multiplicity of issues. That's fair enough. However, Schapelle Corby doesn't have much time, as told to over 1.6 million Australian women.

I also explained to Emma that I'm Registered Psychiatric nurse, qualified since 1978 (so I've seen a thing or two). It's a miracle Schapelle is still alive, and I don't think Government quite realises or understands the massive risks of this situation. Schapelle's mental health issues are no less lethal than any other severe medical condition. Just ask anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide. Schapelle needs round the clock care and observation by qualified medical staff, with the close (nearby), support of her family. Working in an acute mental health setting as I do, severely depressed/suicidal in-patients often require round the clock observation (see page 5), until their condition improves. Without this, Schapelle is walking a tight rope. Every ring of the phone brings fresh fear to her family.

So two "Official" questions to you Julia, in writing (as requested). Firstly, when will you be formally responding to Dr. Jonathon Phillip's report, and secondly, when is the export of $40,000 worth of marijuana from this country going to be formally investigated by the AFP?

Further, Emma suggested these issues should also go forward to the Health Minister Nicola Roxon, and the Attorney General Robert McLelland. I have absolutely no problems with that, so I'm also cc'ing this correspondence to them. However, Julia Gillard is the Deputy Prime Minister, so I think it's reasonable for Julia to take responsibility. Police corruption, and the potential death of an innocent Australian woman as a result, are not trivial. I look forward to an extremely timely and speedy response (in the circumstances), very best wishes, Kim

AFP Agent Patrick Law, any answers yet?


Hi Patrick, I spoke to you on Thursday 4th March 2010 (scroll down), in relation to the export of $40,000 worth of marijuana from this country in 2004. This marijuana was found in Schapelle's boogie board bag at Bali Airport in 2004, after she'd flown there via Brisbane Domestic terminal, Sydney domestic and Sydney international.

I believe "Export" is a crime in this country, and within this jurisdiction. See page 3 of this document. You also thought it was a crime, as you told me you'd made a formal note of my complaint, and had passed it on to your "Intelligence Department." I guess you don't do that, unless you think something criminal may have occurred. You also told me that Tim Morris is in charge of that department.

But there's one thing that's bothering me, when I eventually got to speak to an AFP agent in Canberra, John Kooyam, he told me that you were involved in the original investigations, vis a vis Schapelle Corby. Now, I don't know if that's correct or not, all I have is John Kooyam's word for that, and he may be mistaken. Maybe you can correct him if he is. However, your response vis a vis the missing CCTV compounds this worry a hundred fold. Let me explain.

You did not contradict my assertion that a crime had been committed in this country (export of $40,000 worth of marijuana), or my assertion that this made Brisbane domestic terminal, Sydney domestic terminal and Sydney international terminal into "Crime Scenes," or my assertion that EVERY frame of CCTV had "Disappeared" from these crime scenes. However, when I asked you why or how this gross anomaly had occurred, you said you had "No idea," quickly followed up with "No comment." Do you have daughters Patrick? Would you have the same attitude if Schapelle was your child? I think not. I think you'd be out for a few pounds of (metaphorical), flesh from someone's backside.

Let's continue. Here's your background Patrick. It's very impressive. Am I to reasonably believe that a man of your standing and experience has "No idea" why and how crucial crime scene evidence wasn't immediately preserved? I think not. Check out section 5 of this document, from the United States Department of Justice (pages 27 & 28). It's pretty clear about the correct and professional way to treat CCTV from crime scenes. I guess those professional parameters are pretty universal, is that right Patrick?

And Patrick, here's just a quiet whisper in your ear, it might be a good idea to fess up about the missing CCTV, or at least dob in those who didn't do their job, before a very, very high profile young woman dies in an Indonesian hell hole.

Have a good day, Kim


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Courier Mail, Facebook, Julia Gillard & Schapelle Corby . . .

Here's the first link in that Facebook post, here's the link in the comment. Click on the pic to make it readable. Finally, here's the Courier Mail's Facebook page

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kevin Rudd runs from police corruption, and leaves Schapelle Corby to die?

. . . let's hope not. HERE are the questions to Julia Gillard, and HERE is Kev's Facebook page (as seen above). Just click on that picture to enlarge it.

Julia Gillard runs from police corruption, and leaves Schapelle Corby to die?

Here's Julia Gillard's Facebook page, and if you click HERE, it's a screen grab of Julia responding to questions about Schapelle Corby. Problem is, Julia has left the conversation hanging in mid-air. We want you to come back Julia. We want you to tell us when you will acknowledge Dr. Phillip's report. You've ignored it for over 10 months. One of Australia's leading psychiatrists has warned you this woman will die, and you can't even bother to reply? What Planet are you on? We also want you to tell us what you're going to do about the AFP's refusal to investigate the export and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana from this country, both crimes in THIS jurisdiction.

Who supplied the drugs that were found in Schapelle's bag? Why are the AFP so afraid of that investigation? What have they got to hide? Why did every frame of CCTV disappear, even though Schapelle begged for footage? Don't you, or the AFP, want the World to know that THIS since-jailed cop was running a drugs operation from Sydney Airport the very day Schapelle flew (same terminal, same time)? So come back Julia, come back to the conversation, and answer the questions. The World is watching.

Schapelle hasn't got the TIME for any more games, she hasn't got the time for lies and avoidance. Get your act together Julia, before you, and many others, have her blood on your hands - and to steal an analogy from Shakespeare, not even the ocean could wash Macbeth's hands clean of Duncan's blood. Update (Monday 22nd March), HERE and HERE

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Will the Australian Federal Police investigate a crime?


I was more than a bit put out by the runaround I got from the AFP to-day, when I attempted to report the export of $40,000 worth of marijuana from Australia, in 2004. I was just going to leave it at that, and let the public record stand, but after I got some good legal advice, I was advised to take the way this very serious crime report was treated to the very top. So here I am again, onwards and upwards.

This is Roman Quaedvlieg. I found out about him when I rang the AFP (Canberra HQ), this evening, and spoke to an extremely helpful lady on the switchboard. She seems to take her job very seriously, and did her best to provide an excellent service. Thankyou. I was after the email address of Mike Phelan, who (from what I could gather), is/was the boss of AFP officers Fiona Drennan, and John Kooyam. Fiona had (to-day), instructed the switchboard not to put my calls through to her, and John had refused to note the details of a very serious crime, and put the phone down on me. This was despite the fact I was formally referred to them by a very senior AFP officer, after making a very serious complaint.

Queensland AFP officers Craig Jacks and Patrick Law (Thurs 4 March 2010, scroll down), had referred me through to Tim Morris, who in turn referred me through to Fiona Drennan and John Kooyam.

Anyway, from my chat with the lady on the switchboard in Canberra, it transpires that Roman Quaedvlieg has very recently replaced Mike Phelan. So here I am again, referring these criminal matters to Roman, and also including a report about the grossly unprofessional way I was treated to-day. OK, here goes . . .

Dear Roman,

As you know, Schapelle Corby is currently dying in an Indonesian hell hole, while the export of $40,000 dollars worth of marijuana from this country goes un-investigated by the AFP, thus I am reporting this crime to you, and asking you to do the job that should have been done 6 years ago. This is the experience I had to-day when I attempted to report this crime, therefore I am now forced to take these matters to you.

John Kooyam put the phone down on me when I attempted to give him these important details, and Fiona Drennan is refusing to take my calls.

Further still, John Kooyam told me that AFP agents Craig Jacks and Patrick Law (in Queensland), HAD investigated the export of $40,000 worth of marijuana from Australia, which sounds quite bizarre, because when I asked both officers about the missing CCTV, they denied all knowledge of its complete disappearance. Quite frankly Roman, if officers Craig Jacks and Patrick Law DID do this investigation, from the known omissions, they did a spectacularly poor job.

So Roman, what were the results of Craig's and Patrick's "Investigation"? Surely if the "Export" of $40,000 worth of marijuana was "Investigated" by the AFP, you should have the supplier bang to rights by now? There haven't been any criminal convictions and/or charges in relation to this (in Australia), as far as I'm aware.

So after discussions with interested parties, I have been asked to request that you forward the results of this "Investigation," into the export of $40,000 worth of marijuana from this country, (as investigated by AFP agents Craig Jacks and Patrick Law), to either Schapelle's sister Mercedes, or to her Mother, Rosleigh Rose. You can contact them directly, or I can put you in touch with someone who is in contact with them. Lawyer Kerry Douglas Smith has been retained by the family, and is acting on Schapelle's behalf.

But in the meantime Roman, could you please arrange for me to speak to an AFP agent who is prepared to take down these glaring details, and commence a serious and professional investigation into the export of $40,000 worth of marijuana from this country. I'll phone you sometime next week, and I assume you'll take my call, and treat these issues with the deference and respect they deserve.

And if the AFP has any doubts about the power of the internet, ask Fiona Drennan to google her name. It's hardly a glowing reference for the AFP. Further still you might want to take note of this article (The Independent, UK), and wake up to the massive power of blogs and Facebook, especially when dealing with such a high profile and emotive issue as Schapelle Corby.

Regards, Kim