Sunday, March 21, 2010

AFP Agent Patrick Law, any answers yet?


Hi Patrick, I spoke to you on Thursday 4th March 2010 (scroll down), in relation to the export of $40,000 worth of marijuana from this country in 2004. This marijuana was found in Schapelle's boogie board bag at Bali Airport in 2004, after she'd flown there via Brisbane Domestic terminal, Sydney domestic and Sydney international.

I believe "Export" is a crime in this country, and within this jurisdiction. See page 3 of this document. You also thought it was a crime, as you told me you'd made a formal note of my complaint, and had passed it on to your "Intelligence Department." I guess you don't do that, unless you think something criminal may have occurred. You also told me that Tim Morris is in charge of that department.

But there's one thing that's bothering me, when I eventually got to speak to an AFP agent in Canberra, John Kooyam, he told me that you were involved in the original investigations, vis a vis Schapelle Corby. Now, I don't know if that's correct or not, all I have is John Kooyam's word for that, and he may be mistaken. Maybe you can correct him if he is. However, your response vis a vis the missing CCTV compounds this worry a hundred fold. Let me explain.

You did not contradict my assertion that a crime had been committed in this country (export of $40,000 worth of marijuana), or my assertion that this made Brisbane domestic terminal, Sydney domestic terminal and Sydney international terminal into "Crime Scenes," or my assertion that EVERY frame of CCTV had "Disappeared" from these crime scenes. However, when I asked you why or how this gross anomaly had occurred, you said you had "No idea," quickly followed up with "No comment." Do you have daughters Patrick? Would you have the same attitude if Schapelle was your child? I think not. I think you'd be out for a few pounds of (metaphorical), flesh from someone's backside.

Let's continue. Here's your background Patrick. It's very impressive. Am I to reasonably believe that a man of your standing and experience has "No idea" why and how crucial crime scene evidence wasn't immediately preserved? I think not. Check out section 5 of this document, from the United States Department of Justice (pages 27 & 28). It's pretty clear about the correct and professional way to treat CCTV from crime scenes. I guess those professional parameters are pretty universal, is that right Patrick?

And Patrick, here's just a quiet whisper in your ear, it might be a good idea to fess up about the missing CCTV, or at least dob in those who didn't do their job, before a very, very high profile young woman dies in an Indonesian hell hole.

Have a good day, Kim