Thursday, March 11, 2010

Azaria's Jacket, Jailed Cops & Schapelle . . .

Letter to the Editor, sent to 100's of local newspapers, all over Australia

Schapelle Corby never knew Mark Standen, neither do most Australians, but he'll be big news soon, when he's tried. He's a former cop, now jailed, accused in a 120 million dollar drug scam. Before he was busted, Standen and his criminal mate "Tom" were part of "Operation Mocha" at Sydney Airport, same hour Schapelle flew, same terminal even. "Tom" was known for trafficking marijuana, and ex-cops have admitted corrupt insiders ferried weed in passengers luggage. Did "Tom's" fluffed pick up send an innocent woman to hell? Is that why not one frame of CCTV was ever produced, even though Schapelle beggged for it? Is that why police are now running at a million miles an hour from fresh demands to probe Standen's role in Schapelle’s conviction? Lindy Chamberlain was cleared by a blood stained matinee jacket, maybe Standen holds the keys in another injustice.”