Friday, March 19, 2010

Julia Gillard runs from police corruption, and leaves Schapelle Corby to die?

Here's Julia Gillard's Facebook page, and if you click HERE, it's a screen grab of Julia responding to questions about Schapelle Corby. Problem is, Julia has left the conversation hanging in mid-air. We want you to come back Julia. We want you to tell us when you will acknowledge Dr. Phillip's report. You've ignored it for over 10 months. One of Australia's leading psychiatrists has warned you this woman will die, and you can't even bother to reply? What Planet are you on? We also want you to tell us what you're going to do about the AFP's refusal to investigate the export and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana from this country, both crimes in THIS jurisdiction.

Who supplied the drugs that were found in Schapelle's bag? Why are the AFP so afraid of that investigation? What have they got to hide? Why did every frame of CCTV disappear, even though Schapelle begged for footage? Don't you, or the AFP, want the World to know that THIS since-jailed cop was running a drugs operation from Sydney Airport the very day Schapelle flew (same terminal, same time)? So come back Julia, come back to the conversation, and answer the questions. The World is watching.

Schapelle hasn't got the TIME for any more games, she hasn't got the time for lies and avoidance. Get your act together Julia, before you, and many others, have her blood on your hands - and to steal an analogy from Shakespeare, not even the ocean could wash Macbeth's hands clean of Duncan's blood. Update (Monday 22nd March), HERE and HERE