Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bring Schapelle home or she'll die, "New Idea" Magazine, 2010

(Important update on the below, Tues 30 March 2010, Julia Gillard turns her back on Schapelle, click HERE)

This recent article in New Idea magazine couldn't have been more explicit, or dramatic. Yet incredibly, despite a readership of over 1.6 million Australian women, both Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd chose to ignore it.

Not even Schapelle's closest family can get Julia or Kevin, or anyone else in Government, to acknowledge this leading doctor's report, let alone discuss it with them. Incredibly, Julia and Kevin have had it for over nine months, and done nothing. Schapelle's condition is as desperate and dangerous now as it was then. She is completely without medical help or supervision, an extremely vulnerable young woman in a place rife with all kinds of abuse and depravity.

Here's an on-line letter to get Julia and Kevin's Government to do the right thing. Please send it to them. It only takes a few clicks.

Update, 3.37 pm, Monday 29th March 2010

Earlier to-day, I posted these comments to Julia Gillard's Facebook wall

Julia, I'll give your office a call tomorrow, again (Mon 29 March), and ask to speak to Emma, who I spoke to before. As you can see from that Women's Weekly article (above), and the New Idea article, Schapelle is very dangerously ill, and currently in an extremely hazardous environment where she could (due to her vulnerability), easily become a victim of rape, sexual assault and/or physical violence. Kathryn Bonella's book is disturbingly graphic on those points, and I believe Schapelle has already witnessed the horrific outcome of a pack rape on another very vulnerable young woman. This is incident is documented in Kathryn's book. Schapelle is also a major danger to herself. Despite this, you have done nothing to ensure her safety, or provide professional medical care. When I speak to Emma tomorrow, I will want to know what you're doing in the next 24 hours, as a matter of extreme urgency, to remove Schapelle from the danger of assault, self-harm and potential death. I'll also be updating my blog-post (above), accordingly.

Hotel Kerobokan, by Kathryn Bonella

Have you read this Woman's Weekly article Julia

Because 1 in 4 Australian women have

Unlike a news article, it's not tomorrow's bin liner.

And then (as promised), I managed to catch up with Emma in Julia Gillard's office. Emma showed no humanitarian concern, or interest in Schapelle at all. Here's some examples of the reception I received. When I asked Emma to slow down a bit, so I could note her remarks, she said . . . .

"I'm not going to slow down so you can write these points down."

"I'm not repeating myself."

. . . and included a dismissive snort/laugh when I (unfortunately very forcibly, because she wasn't taking any notice), asked her to show some respect, by giving me enough time to write important points down.

Emma explained that Julia Gillard receives a phenomenal amount of information, all very important, and all vying for her attention. I told Emma I appreciated that, but Schapelle is in a situation where she could die in the next minute, hour or day - not to mention the severe risk of rape, sexual assault and/or physical assault that hangs over her head.

It then became apparent that Emma naively thought Schapelle was in a "Women's Prison." So I clearly explained to Emma that Schapelle was in a very small "Women's Section," surrounded by a large population of men. In the case of the pack rape of another vulnerable female prisoner (the aftermath of which Schapelle witnessed), Kerobokan Jail was virtually commanded by cohesive gang members, who intimidated the guards by making threats to their families and friends on the outside. This is clearly documented in Kathryn Bonella's new, best selling book, Hotel Kerobokan.

In those circumstances, and knowing she could be next (amongst other stressors), it's hardly surprising Schapelle's mental health is as bad as it is. I asked Emma how she would feel in that situation, with those daily threats hanging over her head. She refused to comment.

Emma then said there was nothing else she could provide me with at this time, and said she was not in a position to make any further comment, or make any decisions. So I asked Emma who WAS in a position to make further comment, and/or decisions. Emma refused to say. She refused to tell me their names, and refused to ensure that my contact details would be passed on to them. Here's a direct quote when I asked . . .

"No, I won't be doing that. I can't. I'm sorry."

Emma said all I could do was "Wait" for reply to my letter to Julia Gillard, and gave me no indication how long I would have to "Wait." She just refused to say.

Anyway, at the end of our conversation, I told Emma that I would be calling back by close of business on Tuesday 30th March 2010, to ensure that she had discussed these very serious issues with those very mysterious people who ARE in a position to make decisions. I want to know what their next move is, along with over 1.6 million Australian women.