Friday, March 12, 2010

How not to f**k up an investigation

Letter to Phillip Bradley, Head of the New South Wales Crime Commission

To Mr. Phillip Bradley, Head of the NSW Crime Commission, from Mrs. Kim Bax (mum & nurse)


There's a
copper in Crime Stoppers that deserves your job, because she understands that export and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana is a crime in this country. And I guess she'd also understand that when you've got millions of dollars worth of cocaine sitting around on the tarmac, you're supposed to keep the cameras ON, and save the tape.

So what Planet are you and Mick Keelty from Phil, Planet Corruption, or Planet Incompetence? Or is it just plain old Planet Pass the Buck?

So now Phil, for your benefit, here's the ABC of crime.

When an Aussie with NO previous criminal history turns up in a foreign place, having flown from these shores,
with $40,000 worth of marijuana in their bag, it's blindingly obvious that two crimes (if not more), were committed in THIS country, e.g. supply and export. Look up the book Phil, you'll see I'm right. Have you got that yet? I'm trying to keep this simple.

Next step, investigation. That means co-operating with the police in that foreign place, and making sure they don't f**k up the evidence, because if they f**k up the evidence Phil, you might not catch the crooks in Australia. Though I guess letting them f**k up the evidence comes in pretty handy for
corrupt coppers, doesn't it?

So Phil, what do we mean by making sure the police in this foreign place don't f**k up the evidence? It means making sure they
weigh the suspect baggage their end (see Sat 5 Mar 2005), and compare it to the Aussie departure weight, because if they f**k that up, you'll never know if 4.2kg of marijuana was stuffed in a boogie board bag before check-in, or after check in. Got that? And if 4.2kg of marijuana was stuffed in a boogie board bag AFTER check-in, you'd want to know about it, wouldn't you Phil? Oops, sorry, I forgot, I'm writing to the guy who never kept the film from a million dollar cocaine sting, so I'm guessing there's a few things you'd rather not know about.

Next on the list is making sure the foreign police test the haul for finger prints and human DNA. You never know, it might put an innocent traveller out of the frame, and a few
corrupt coppers in it, and with any luck, it might even lead you to the head scroat in question. But what you don't do Phil is sit back and look the other way when crucial physical evidence is contaminated (Sat 5 Mar 2005), and then burnt (see Tue 12 Oct 2004).

You know, I think I should have been a copper, not a nurse - though it's just as well you chose policing. Some dragon of a ward sister would have eaten you alive for incompetence by now.

Anyway, onwards and upwards in this investigation.

Next step is searching the relevant premises in Australia, and here's a novel idea for you Phil, that might include the place the suspect bag was packed (in Australia), and the place the traveller slept the night before they flew. But then, I guess if both places came up clean, it might get a bit awkward for
corrupt coppers? Best to just ignore both potential crime scenes eh? Have a chat to Tony Wilson about that Phil, you might have missed his book (along with everything else you've missed). Read page 22, thousands of people have.

And then of course, we have the next two pieces of crucial evidence (you should really watch more CI Phil, you might learn a thing or two). That would be the travellers phone and financial records. But then of course (horror of horrors), if they come up clean, it might put those pesky
corrupt coppers back in the frame again, mightn't it? Best to just ignore that line of inquiry . . .

Finally, if all else fails, remember to
disappear ALL frames of CCTV from three Australian air terminals (or rather, key crime scenes relating to the export and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana), AND while you've got millions of dollars worth of cocaine sitting around on the tarmac. That should do it, shouldn't it Phil? That should really keep any corrupt coppers out of the picture (literally).

And to top it all off? Well the police could
lie about evidence, pressure sleazy scumbags to tell tall tales, and leak false smears. Excuse me now while I go to the bathroom to wash my hands . . .

Regards, Kim