Sunday, March 21, 2010

Julia Gillard, here's the letter you asked for . . .

Hi Julia, I'm sending this to you in an email, along with my full contact details (as requested).

After posting these questions on your Facebook site re Schapelle Corby's health, and the refusal of the AFP to investigate a crime, I rang your office back (as promised). Reception immediately put me through to Emma, who was very polite and reasonable to talk to (thank you Emma). I asked Emma what her official position was, but she wouldn't divulge that.

Emma advised me that you are unable to answer these complex questions on Facebook, and that you have many hundreds of requests, all the time, about a multiplicity of issues. That's fair enough. However, Schapelle Corby doesn't have much time, as told to over 1.6 million Australian women.

I also explained to Emma that I'm Registered Psychiatric nurse, qualified since 1978 (so I've seen a thing or two). It's a miracle Schapelle is still alive, and I don't think Government quite realises or understands the massive risks of this situation. Schapelle's mental health issues are no less lethal than any other severe medical condition. Just ask anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide. Schapelle needs round the clock care and observation by qualified medical staff, with the close (nearby), support of her family. Working in an acute mental health setting as I do, severely depressed/suicidal in-patients often require round the clock observation (see page 5), until their condition improves. Without this, Schapelle is walking a tight rope. Every ring of the phone brings fresh fear to her family.

So two "Official" questions to you Julia, in writing (as requested). Firstly, when will you be formally responding to Dr. Jonathon Phillip's report, and secondly, when is the export of $40,000 worth of marijuana from this country going to be formally investigated by the AFP?

Further, Emma suggested these issues should also go forward to the Health Minister Nicola Roxon, and the Attorney General Robert McLelland. I have absolutely no problems with that, so I'm also cc'ing this correspondence to them. However, Julia Gillard is the Deputy Prime Minister, so I think it's reasonable for Julia to take responsibility. Police corruption, and the potential death of an innocent Australian woman as a result, are not trivial. I look forward to an extremely timely and speedy response (in the circumstances), very best wishes, Kim