Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now "Women for Schapelle" are getting death threats . . .

I got this in my email box this evening, I’m reporting it to the highest levels in the Queensland police, and posting it all over the net . . . Just spoke to Roma Street police HQ, they gave me a "Job" number, and told me two detectives are coming to my home this evening, to take further details. Further still, the idiot who wrote it obviously hasn't heard of Schapelle Corby's 50,000 plus supporters, or the 90,000 plus people who have read Schapelle's book, or the 1.6 million readers of New Idea magazine. They obviously haven't heard of Facebook or personal blogs either, because in the 21st Century, Fox, Murdoch, Fairfax, the ABC et al can quite literally go to hell when it goes to breaking the news. No attack against ANY supporter of Schapelle Corby would stay "Quiet." So dream on sweetheart, who ever you are. You're obviously living in another era. Wake up to our networked and wired World. (Update, further research on the exact source of that threat below HERE and HERE). I guess they have an IP address. I've also emailed this mob to alert them to the fact death threats are being sent from their site, and told them I'm contacting their local police about it, so they'd better save the info. They've also (very thoughtfully), provided a postal address for their business. And here are their terms of service, so I guess they won't be too chuffed. I've also sent them an abuse report via their on-line form, and asked them to save all relevant information, because they will be contacted by the Queensland, Australia police.

From: Anonymous nobody@remailer.paranoici.org

Subject: Accident or Murder--You Decide

Date: 23 March 2010 7:52:13 PM AEST

To: Kim Bax

A drunk Prague police officer stabbed to death a senior U.S. Department of Defense worker stationed in Germany during the night between January 29-30, 2008.

The original story as reported by Mlada Front DNES, one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the Czech Republic:


You will not find the story on Fox's website. Not on CNN's website. Not on msnbc's website. Not on CBS's website. Even though soon after the incident occurred, I sent the story to the editors at two of these websites. (My sarcastic comment: If the US wants to make its borders impenetrable, consult with the international news media.)

In fact, the story never again appeared in the Czech news.


I have been told two interesting facts related to this story:

1. The senior DOD worker was on a sightseeing trip to the Czech Republic with friends. While they were driving around Prague, the police officer gave the middle finger to their car. The senior DOD worker got out of the car to see why the police officer flipped them off. (Bad decision) At that point, the stabbing occurred. Witnesses state that the senior DOD worker did not physically provoke the attack.

2. The incident occurred on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday of the same week, the police officer was released from custody. End of story.


1. When the International Mafia needs to "fix" a problem, they first gather intelligence (important word--don't forget it) about the problem.

If the problem's family seems like the type who will simply accept the problem's "suicide" or "accident", then the "fix" proceeds in the problem's country.

However, if the problem's family will leave no stone unturned to determine the true explanation, then the "fix" is moved to another country. Factors such as distance, expense, and language barrier should slow down most "overly inquisitive" families.

2. London (Reuters Thu Nov 1, 2007)

Police shot Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, seven times in the head after he boarded an underground train in south London on July 22, 2005.

They had wrongly identified him as one of four men who had tried to attack the city's transport system a day earlier.

No individual police officers have been punished over the shooting.

New York (Fox April 10, 2008)

Three detectives were acquitted of all charges Friday in the 50-shot killing of an unarmed man on his wedding day.