Monday, March 8, 2010

Phillip Bradley, NSW Crime Commission Chief (right)

Not sure if Phillip Bradley has daughters, but even so, I thought THIS open letter (to him), would immediately get his attention. After all, if he has a heart, and a shred of integrity, surely to goodness those bizarre and unexplained details, plus the life of a young woman who is literally hanging by a thread (as relayed to over 1.6 million Australian women), should spark an immediate investigation.

I've no reason to believe Phillip isn't 100% fair dinkum, so I guess he's now as horrified as I am. That's why I rang his office this morning, to make sure he has my email. I spoke to his secretary, who confirmed I'd used the right email address, and that Phillip is in receipt of my missive. I also made sure he had my full contact details.

I was a bit surprised when Phillip's secretary told me that Phillip wouldn't be getting back to me, and wouldn't be dealing with it personally. I thought that must be a mistake. Schapelle could die any time, any day - and that's official. One of Australia's leading and most senior psychiatrist's, Dr. Jonathon Phillips, has put his name to those facts in an extensive written report (now in the hands of the Australian Government, for several months).

This is horrifying, so any doubts and discrepancies surrounding her conviction must be dealt with yesterday, if not sooner. I did put those concerns to Phillip's secretary, and she said she'd pass the message on. I also said I'd call back in a couple of days, to get an update. We mustn't let the grass grow under our feet, a young Australian woman is dying.

Update, Wednesday March 10th, 2010

I rang Phillips's office around 3.30pm Queensland time, which was around 4.30pm NSW time. I thought it was fair to give Phillip the whole day (at least), to ponder these extremely serious issues. What I got was a shock. Maybe I'm naive, but I thought (considering a young woman's life is at stake, in the most high profile manner imaginable, possibly as the result of police corruption), Phillip would be as keen to speak to me, as I am to him. Seems I was wrong.

Phillip's secretary gave me no indication that Phillip (or anyone else in authority, in the NSW Crime Commission), was willing to speak to me. She didn't offer to put me through to anyone (who could answer my serious and urgent questions), or suggest anyone. Poor woman (I felt sorry for her). Seems all the big men at the NSW Crime Commission, including Phillip Bradley, are hiding behind their secretaries skirts when it comes to the truly massive issues. I'm not scary Phillip, truly I'm not - I just want to ask you one very, very simple question. Will the NSW Crime Commission be re-investigating the activities of charged cop Mark Standen, and his informant "Tom," vis vis their activities at Sydney Airport, on the very day Schapelle flew? Now, what's so hard about that? Seems pretty straight forward to me.

Anyway, Phillip's secretary did go out of her way to be helpful, which is great (thank you, very much appreciated), but that's not the point. She's not the one getting paid the big bucks to take responsibility. She said I could call her back on Friday (which I will do), to find out more. Said she'd look into this in the meantime. So I very much hope that, by the time I call back on Friday, some of the guys at the NSW Crime Commission have decided to come out from behind their petticoat cover, and take direct charge of some very serious issues.