Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Preserving the evidence . . . Crime scene education for Australia's police

When it was clear $40,000 worth of marijuana had been supplied in Australia, and exported from Australia, by organised crime (who else deals in $40,000 worth of marijuana?), potentially via Brisbane Domestic Airport, Sydney Domestic Airport and Sydney International Airport, that immediately turned all three locations into a crime scene, so here's a quote (maybe Keelty, Negus and Atkinson could stick it to their foreheads, as a reminder):

"The recovery of video from a crime scene should follow scientifically accepted procedures, and officers should observe the chain-of-custody policies just as they would with any other physical evidence. Agencies should limit videotape recovery to properly trained officers thoroughly familiar with standard operating procedures for the collection of media at a crime scene. The danger is that officers arriving on the scene of a robbery and eager to get a look at a suspect may accidentally damage or erase video evidence. Although everyone has handled videotapes at home, tapes found at crime scenes are evidence and need to be collected and handled as evidence by properly trained officers."