Friday, April 30, 2010

Climate Change, Schapelle Corby & flogging us lemons

The Chasers War on Everything just about says it all on Kevin Rudd, as does Ben Eltham (28th April 2010, in New Matilda) . . . followed by Rudd's long-forgotten promises on Schapelle in 2005 . . .

The Great Moral Backflip Of Our Time

The decision to delay the introduction of its emissions trading scheme until 2013 is the Government's most serious betrayal of voters yet, writes Ben Eltham

Another day, another broken promise.

Last week it was childcare centres and the final death of the home insulation stimulus. Both announcements were wheeled out apologetically by junior ministers. Both times, the Government made little effort to defend its decision (perhaps wisely, in the case of the home insulation debacle).

This week’s broken promise is much, much bigger. The decision to delay the introduction of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme until at least 2013 means Labor no longer has a credible policy on climate change — "the great moral challenge of our generation", according to the Prime Minister.

Those words have already come back to haunt him. And so they should.

Climate change was not some minor election promise thrown out in the heat of the campaign. It was a centrepiece of Labor’s 2007 election platform. It was Kevin Rudd as opposition leader who commissioned Ross Garnaut to begin work on fashioning Labor’s climate change policy.

Strong action on climate was a key plank in Labor’s campaign material and its election ads. Remember the TV commercial depicting a sleeping John Howard? "Now he’s finally said Australia needs an emissions scheme, but he won’t set targets until after the election," the ad proclaimed. Now that he’s in government, neither will Kevin Rudd.

This backflip is staggering, even for those of us who have come to expect policy timidity from the Rudd Government.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Proclaiming on the housetops . . .

For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed,

nor hidden that will not be known

Therefore whatever you have spoken in the dark will be
heard in the light, and what you have spoken in the ear
in inner rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops

Schapelle has thousands of supporters (and many thousands more), all over Australia (and beyond), with more adding their comments every single day, and a blockbuster doco about to hit the streets, combined with a grassroots network that's acutely aware of the pressure points.

And without doubt, this is a hot topic. I also think the Australian public will be outraged to learn the truth, especially in the run up to a Federal election. The issues go way beyond the freedom of one woman, crucial as that is. Therefore, a thousand or so (at a time), free DVD's, plus flyers, intelligently handed out by willing activists would be (and will be), a ticking truth bomb, one without carnage, unless you count a few political and bureaucratic careers amongst the damage.

And just like some previous anarchic activists, Schapelle's "Organisation" has no leadership, no central direction, and no-one telling anyone else what to do. I also guess TPTB may have figured that out by now. People are doing this because they want to, not because anyone is directing them, and they don't need very much money to duplicate DVD's and hand them out to the public. Though (of course), the internet will explode with this truth - and resonate around the entire Globe.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Schapelle Corby - ABC Media Watch, naked propaganda

Very recently, Schapelle was grossly abused and hounded by a major Australian news corporation (Channel 9), in a way that would be completely illegal in this country, and which also violated multiple points of the Media Alliance's Code of Ethics. Media Watch completely ignored that story (although they were alerted to it by many people).

Instead, bizarrely relying on the word of prison officials, who routinely taunt Schapelle with the insult "White Monkey," AND cruelly threaten to move her away from family and friends (as clearly documented in this Sydney Morning Herald article 2007) - they chose instead to attack a single freelance journalist (with a history of supporting Schapelle), while scrubbing the Channel 9 outrage.

And of course, Media Watch's "Source" (Kerobokan prison officials), wouldn't have any reason to "Get" the same journalist Media Watch chose to pillory, would they? The journalist that exposed their filthy, corrupt World? (Scathing irony fully intended)

Here's what one particular supporter of Schapelle had to say about this, reproduced from Women for Schapelle on Facebook (nearly 1,000 members).


Take your pick:


Channel Nine abuse a mentally ill woman's human rights, whilst aggravating her psychotic disorder by pursuing her in a third world prison with a television camera. She spends much of the next day begging her mother to allow her to kill herself.

Whilst she is in the process of a clemency appeal based upon her frail mental health, they present the non-medically qualified and remote prison governor claiming she is somehow ok, regardless of medical diagnosis, including that of one of Australia's most eminent psychiatrists.

They compound this by broadcasting another prisoner repeating the same propaganda for the governor, which in itself is clear abuse of that prisoner's rights.

All these activities would have been illegal in most parts of the world, but Channel Nine was instrumental in them.

This is a shocking hard news story by any standards, demonstrating gross media maltreatment of Schapelle Corby.


The prison governor of a third world prison disputes the authenticity of a letter produced in a womens magazine by an Australian journalist, which documents a prisoner transfer which has often been mooted previously.

Yes, that is it: the 'story'.

In real terms it simply amounts to a smear of a journalist supportive of Schapelle Corby.

Which of these two stories would a credible media team broadcast?

Which would a channel without a pre-set agenda broadcast?

MediaWatch, of your ABC, broadcast STORY 2, the smear story. They totally ignored STORY 1, the hard news story, even though they were furnished with detailed information by a number of sources, and even though the facts themselves were self evident via Channel Nine's actual broadcasts.

It is yet more cast iron evidence that the ABC and their broadcast units are still engaged in a mission hostile to Schapelle Corby's interest.

There is more on MediaWatch here:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Schapelle Corby - ABC Media Watch, Government lap dog

Very recently, when Channel 9 grossly abused Schapelle, and broke almost every journalistic ethic in the book, THUS and THUS, where was the ABC's Media Watch? And again, when the ABC itself engaged in damaging gutter journalism, where was Media Watch? The short answer? Asleep in the Government's lap, and snoozing while the rottenness at the heart of Parliament eats at the fabric of our society.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Media Vultures, you're now on notice

For too long, the Australian media has had it their own way re Schapelle. They've got away with abuse after abuse, but no more. From now on, each smear will result in a formal complaint to the Media Alliance, via their advertised process, based on their Code of Ethics

First off is the media penchant for labelling Schapelle a "Convicted Drug Smuggler," which gives the false impression she was found guilty of this crime in a legitimate and lawful court, and . . .
  • Fails to say that the process under which she was "Convicted" not only breached Australian law (bottom of 2nd para), it also breached Indonesian law.
  • Fails to mention that the Australian police negligently carried out NO investigation of Schapelle's alleged "Crimes," despite the fact the "Export," "Cultivation" and "Supply" of these drugs occurred in THIS country.
  • Fails to mention that the Australian Police, when very recently confronted with their gross failure and negligence in this case, have failed to respond or provide an explanation.
  • Fails to mention that every shred of pertinent evidence Schapelle begged for was denied to her.

Thus calling Schapelle a "Convicted Drug Smuggler" in these circumstances, and alongside these gross lies of omission, is blatant smear and distortion (overtly designed to give a false impression), and clearly contravenes point 1 of the Media Code of Ethics . . .

1. Report and interpret honestly, striving for accuracy, fairness and disclosure of all essential facts. Do not suppress relevant available facts, or give distorting emphasis. Do your utmost to give a fair opportunity for reply.

And first off the block for this formal complaint-making is Sydney Morning Herald journalist Andrew Hornery, for this recent piece. No doubt there will be more, such as a formal complaint against ABC Lateline journalist John Stewart, for his gutter journalism.

Schapelle Corby - Australian Government hides & ignores brutal abuse of "The White Monkey"

In an effort to cover up the rottenness at the heart of Government, there has been a massive cover up of the chronic parading and brutal abuse of Schapelle. This includes the normal Australian NGO's who vociferously supported David Hicks. David's case involved abuse against an Australian citizen by another country, but Schapelle was screwed-over by her own Government, and the domestic NGO's were frightened off by the orchestrated media smear campaign, plus their need for Government goodwill. The pic here is of Bali prison guards brutally dragging Schapelle in front of the World's media against her will, and since this last blog post, Schapelle Corby - White Monkey Exhibit in Bali, a long-time supporter sent the searing info below . . .

"None of the non-government human rights or justice organizations bothered to speak up about Schapelle’s sham trial and now they remain silent about media harassment – despite the obvious breach of her human rights.

I have attached several news items dated July 2005 which you may find relevant and useful for your campaign protesting against media intrusions which contravene Schapelle Corby’s human rights.

It started years ago...

The attached items are all about the harassment which occurred on 13 July 2005 when an official party of Indonesian politicians and ‘human rights’ advocates (of all the people!) made an impromptu visit to Kerobokan shadowed by a mob of photographers and journalists. Schapelle attempted to hide from them but she was harassed for a long time while she hid in a room, then dragged away against her will by prison guards like some kind of trophy for the photographers to shoot. I don’t have any video footage that I can send to you, unfortunately, but you might find some on You Tube. I haven’t looked there.

The incident was used at the very end of Janine Hosking’s documentary Ganja Queen which was released in the USA on Home Box Office circa 2007, but it was also shown extensively on Australian commercial television at the time the incident occurred.

Not one Australian of any influence came to her assistance. Not a single official protest was made against her treatment.

All of the media coverage of this incident is characterized by a dishonest misrepresentation of the situation. For example, one photo caption reads:

Indonesian prison guards try to calm Schapelle Corby as she gets agitated ...

The truth is they were not trying to calm her down at all! They were manhandling her in a very aggressive way after she had managed to keep herself hidden for 90 minutes.

Note also the tone of some press descriptions: Schapelle’s fear and resistance were simply dismissed as an ‘outburst’ and as ‘shrieking in defiance’; she wasn’t resisting an intolerable situation she was ‘lashing out’. They managed to characterize her as an ungrateful hypocrite.

The News Corp journalist Sian Powell (a woman) has been among the worst for this type of distortion but there have been so many journalists sinking the boot in there are too many to list here.

The journalist Tony Wilson is not among the detractors, however. His coverage of the case is unique in the commercial press. His articles never insinuate that Schapelle is unworthy of assistance, or a tramp, a whore, a bogan or white trash. Truly remarkable. He is reported to be a friend and supporter and later wrote a reasonably detailed book about Schapelle Corby.

Since July 2005 there have been numerous intrusions from the media up to and including the latest one."

Schapelle Corby - Rock Artists for Justice

Australian indi cult rock band Sex in the Desert, and their searing song about Schapelle, Eyes Wired Shut

Music is an extremely powerful medium, and a very effective weapon of justice. It bypasses the BS, and goes straight to the heart of things.

Many other artists have also contributed their time and their talents to freeing Schapelle, and there are many beautiful songs here

But time is running short, Schapelle's condition in the squalid Bali hell hole where she has been incarcerated for 20 years is desperate

It's well beyond time to free an innocent woman. It's well beyond time to free a political prisoner.

And THIS is promoting Schapelle's Freedom Song to millions, all around the Globe . . . to increasing numbers every day.

Join Women for Schapelle (guys welcome too)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Sydney Morning Herald announces blockbuster doco about the Australian Gov corruption that led to the jailing of an innocent woman

However, because the journalist/twit was too silly to be polite and patient, he got a well deserved rebuff. But keep watching this blog (as well as a few hundred others around the globe), because as soon as this brilliant documentary is out, set to rip the flesh from the Australian Government corruption that led to the jailing of an innocent woman, you'll be the first to know.

PS - and for the record, "Morpheus" did NOT produce this movie (to clear up the confusion that's arisen on some blogs and discussions) . It's a sophisticated production, that's required a huge budget, specialist skills and specialist facilities. That's way beyond the means of any single supporter, and the answer lies deep in the USA pockets (and studio), of a high profile movie maker who wishes to remain anonymous. So anonymous in fact that most supporters (including this blog), don't have a clue about their identity.

Schapelle Corby - Australian Government corruption gets naked?

Is there a single person in Australia who thinks that Carl Williams very recent death in an Australian high security facility wasn't an inside job? Do we even have a Government any more, or are we really ruled by organised crime?

While most have very little sympathy for Carl Williams, I guess they'd have a great deal more time for deceased (murdered?), Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers, if his name was more widely known. And perhaps now they might listen to Ray Cooper, former Head of Operations for the AFP's Internal Investigations, who asserts that the AFP were involved in drug smuggling, and that gross and ongoing security breaches at Australian airports stitched up an innocent woman.

Let's face it, in the wake of Carl's murder, in the securest part of one of Australia's most secure prisons, can anyone now sincerely say anything is as it seems?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Schapelle Corby - White Monkey Exhibit in Bali

Quote from Louise Hopkin, Schapelle supporter . . . (Saturday 24th April 2010), about this past week's abuse of Schapelle . . .

The Australian media have again been invited into Kerobokan prison to take intrusive pictures of a mentally ill Australian citizen. They KNOW what effect this has on her. They know how it traumitizes her. They know she has removed the eyes from her soft toys because she thinks they are cameras. They know that last time she begged her mother to let her kill herself!

On Thursday, a planned propaganda 'open day' day, the press failed to get their pictures. Schapelle was hidden by other concerned prisoners.

So... they were invited back in again, and there is another 'open day' next week! The prison governer is clearly desperate for her to stay there, and to benefit from the ruthless Australian media.

She is being paraded. A mentally ill citizen is being paraded, and serious efforts are being made to misrepresent her grave condition. If these efforts are successful and her clemency is rejected, she will die. But there will be more media 'open days' at her expense.

This is one of the most appalling spectacles I have ever seen. A blatant disregard for human rights. Meanwhile, a pathetic Australian government stand and watch

And this is DESPITE this unmistakable message (about the SAME abuse), to Julia Gillard, just 10 days ago. That was the day her staff put the phone down on me when I complained.

And just over 2 weeks ago, over 2 million Australian women were graphically told how Schapelle is taunted and shamed by the Indonesian authorities, when she's routinely called a White Monkey. And now they're routinely exhibiting a defenceless, mentally ill "White Monkey" to the global media. Obviously, Bali has not moved on from the 18th Century, when Londoners would visit Bedlam mental hospital for paid entertainment. I hear the old asylum made quite an income from this sideline, and it's whispered to-day's media are also quite generous.

But considering the way the mentally ill are treated in Bali, it's hardly surprising.

Seems Women for Schapelle were right about The Milky Bar Kid, so gutless and ineffective that he can't even get his new found mates to stop parading a psychotic woman.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Ducking Stool

I wonder what ignorant, arrogant f**kwit came up with the idea of forcing a mentally ill woman to "Admit" guilt, something Schapelle has always refused to do, even through six years of torture (as reported on Channel 7 News, just a few days ago). And as Tracy Spicer makes blindingly clear here, Schapelle's clemency appeal is not based on her "Innocence" or "Guilt," it's based on her extremely poor mental health, period.

Obviously the dimwits who came up with that plan are running scared, they must be. It's obvious to all but the thickest that a psychotic woman is in no fit state to "Admit" anything, because it would be rendered worthless (and meaningless), by reason of insanity.

So my suggestion to the thickos who came up with that less-than-brilliant idea? Get back in your box where you so obviously belong.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Ch 9's Scumbag in Chief

David, you're on notice.

Women for Schapelle telephoned David to-day, about those still ignored questions - and any similar abuse of Schapelle, which David's organisation has openly admitted would be completely unlawful in this country, can (and will), lead to serious ramifications. We'll be calling you again tomorrow.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Gossip Queen Andrew Hornery gets the shits even more . . .

Click on the pic to enlarge & read

Well, looks like the spiteful little bitch didn't enjoy my last blog post, and is now threatening to deliberately smear Morpheus, because the very wise fellow cottoned on to him straight away.

Obviously, Hornery thinks he's important, and I wouldn't be surprised if a certain Australian Medusa hasn't been on the phone to him (not to mention some very corrupt b******s, in some very high places) - but here's a quiet word in your ear Hornery. Medusa is full of s**t. Morpheus is an extremely bright man (unlike you), and has some very interesting film connections.

In short Hornery, you're a gutless little establishment weasel, just as desperate to cover up the truth as the people who pay your way, like our Ronnie for instance. That's the bloke deeply in bed with the same players Morpheus is about expose, isn't it?

And while you're at it Hornery, why don't you call up Ray Cooper, former Head of Operations for the AFP's Internal Investigations, for his comment? Or maybe get the family of Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers on the phone? And after you've done that, you might even want to have a chat with Blind as a Bat Phillip Bradley, Chief of the NSW Crime Commission . . . No? As I said sweetheart, you should stick to hats . . .

Update, Hornery on Twitter . . .

Last resort of the Establishment poodle, don't rely on referenced facts, just sling random insults and meaningless ad hominen attacks when all else fails. Is that all you've got sweetheart?

Schapelle Corby - Gossip Queen Andrew Hornery gets the shits . . .

This Andrew Hornery, gossip queen of The Sydney Morning Herald, and I'll write that again, just to make sure there's no mistake - this is Andrew Hornery, gossip queen of The Sydney Morning Herald. There, that should do it.

Andrew's just had a bit of a meltdown, he suddenly thought he was a serious journalist, and could write about really big grown up things like corruption, murder and mayhem. That's a bit ambitious for a hat writer, and it's probably what caused this dummy spit. Personally, I think he should just take a couple of aspirin, and lie down for a couple of hours until he feels better.

Sweetheart, Morpheus doesn't need the likes of you, though I hear he's a really nice bloke, and like most nice blokes, he'll talk to anyone, until they turn into arrogant little shits with a slimy agenda that sticks out a mile. Got it? Good, because what you haven't got (and never will have), is the story of the decade.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Schapelle Corby, Channel 9 and Odorous Arrogance

Top right hand corner Mark Burrows
Mark Burrows BS report

On the day of that BS report by Mark Burrows, I rang the Channel 9 Newsroom in Brisbane, and spoke to a guy who claimed to be a "Dick," as well as their Chief of Staff. "Dick" refused to tell me his last name, so I asked "Dick" why he wouldn't be able to ambush a sick Australian prisoner with television cameras, and beam their face to millions. "It's against the law" said "Dick" without hesitation. Exactly. So I asked "Dick" WHY it was "Against the law" in Australia, and it felt like I had a rat in a corner when he snapped at me. "I'm not answering that" he spat, and added I was "Condescending." Really Dick? It's "Condescending" to expect you to honour your own professional code of ethics, not to mention the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Guess you got your degree in the University of the Gutter . . .

And for the record, here's the questions I sent to both Lee Anderson (Channel 9 Director of News, Brisbane), and Mark Burrows . . .
1. Did Channel 9 get formal written & informed consent from Schapelle Corby to film her, and broadcast her privacy to millions?

2. Did Channel 9 discuss this with Schapelle's legal advisors first, given the sensitivity of her legal situation?

3. Did Channel 9 discuss this with Dr. Jonathon Phillips first?

4. Did Channel 9 discuss this with Schapelle's family members first, and get their agreement and permission? And in relation to this, please remember that I'm acutely aware of the lies you told them, first hand . . .
I also rang Channel 9 up after I sent them, and they formally confirmed they have them. They told me they were "With our solicitors." So I'll give them a call on Monday (19th April), and ask them how long I'll have to wait for answers.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Julia Gillard allows her slow murder . . .

To-day, at nearly 1pm Queensland time, I rang Julia Gillard's office in response to breaking reports that Schapelle is distraught and begging to die, in the wake of yet ANOTHER gross invasion of her fragile reality by the media, an invasion which would be completely unlawful in this country, and in complete contravention of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations), underlined again by the UN here.

Amazingly, New Idea magazine published news reports about this SAME abuse just a few weeks ago, a publication read by over 1.6 million Australian women. Just what Planet are you and your government on Julia? Wasn't the continuing abuse of Schapelle plain enough for you then? Or are you too far up Indonesia's backside to care?

I wanted to get some assurance from Julia's office that Schapelle would be transferred ASAP to a safe and clean hospital, for appropriate care, where she can also be close by her family. She's on a knife edge in her squalid surroundings, and could easily suicide. This is also a basic human right under accepted UN conventions (points 22 to 26 inclusive).

I was told that no-one in Julia's office could talk to me. I was told that no-one in Julia's office would ever talk to me, and then they hung up on Schapelle's life.

Schapelle Corby & The Milky Bar Kid . . .

Forget for the moment that some of those involved in blowing Australians to bloodied bits got as little as five years, or that Bali prison guards routinely call Schapelle a White Monkey (as just told to over 2 million Australian women in Woman's Day), put that aside for now. But remember well that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is too gutless to tell his new mate President SBY to keep Schapelle safe while she's so dangerously ill.

Seems Kev's one of those blokes who gets sand kicked in his face at he beach, and just takes it. In fact, not only does he take it, he rolls out the red carpet and asks for more.

We desperately need a Prime Minister, not a grown-up version of the Milky Bar Kid.

To-day, even with her Mother and Sister by her side, Schapelle is distraught and begging to die. Channel 9's brutish, unannounced and unwelcome invasion of her already pathetically small corner of Kerobokan has devastated her. She doesn't want to go on, her World is an abyss of witnessed rapes, bashings and death - and God knows what else only time, and a place to heal, will draw out. There's danger in every corner, her psychosis is a waking nightmare, a dark carnival of the real and imagined. But to-day, one venomous clown and his parade of staring lenses was the straw that broke one already very broken woman.

Schapelle Corby - Channel 9 your Indonesian knickers are showing . . .

On Thursday 15th April 2010 Channel 9 Indonesia (whoops, that's a typo, meant to put "Australia," I must be getting as confused as Channel 9), broadcast a news segment which appointed Renae "Beaten up by Bali Prison guards" Lawrence as Schapelle Corby's chief psychiatrist, and also hired Jail Governor "We move you tonight white monkey" Yon Suharyono as her medical registrar. The unlikely pair were trying to usurp the diagnosis of Dr. Jonathon Phillips, former President of the Australian & NZ College of Psychiatrists, and chief of South Australia's Mental Health Services. Seems Renae and Yon are equally desperate for Schapelle to stay in Kerobokan and not get clemency. Those big glistening kickbacks and bribes from the media (not to mention a rest from the black eyes), are far too tempting to pass by.

It's about time Aussies got the real deal from Channel 9, who should fess up that they're 75% owned by CVC Asia Pacific, who are seeking massive investments in Indonesia. Whoops, oh dear, is that your panties round your ankles 9? Quick, pull them up, maybe no-one will notice.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Morning Show, Network 7 & startling new revelations

Click on the pic to enlarge & read

Seems I was too quick off the mark with my question, HERE is the video clip I was asking about.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Schapelle Corby & ABC Australia's Shame . . . Public apology needed for this man's disgusting behaviour

HERE is John Stewart, this "Respected" ABC journalist (Lateline), talking to Schapelle's sister Mercedes on the phone. Listen to it and cringe. Listen to it, and never forget the gutter journalism of Australia's ABC.


For the unequivocal declarations from the Queensland Police that Schapelle, and her family, were law abiding citizens. This is evidence that was also easily available to the ABC, and to John Stewart.

And also for the record, here's a Sydney Morning Herald article (March 5th 2005), with all the glaring facts of the case that the ABC, and John Stewart, chose to ignore.

So John Stewart, can we have a public apology from you, and from the ABC, about your appalling behaviour towards Mercedes?

And here's the lying email that John Stewart sent, when he was researching that smear piece on Schapelle's father (scroll to point 2, "Unethical Research and Investigation")

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Anna Bligh's Keystone Cops, episode 2

First episode HERE

Well, I rang Detective Superintendent John Pointing of the Queensland Drug Squad, but it looks like he's not interested in investigating the cultivation and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana, because he's not taking my calls. Mind you, considering what happened to Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers, I'm not surprised. Bev answered the phone, and told me she's been instructed to direct me to a Jason Overland. Seems Jason works in "Ethical Standards." I asked Bev who had given this order, but she refused to say.

Before I could say "But Bev, I'm reporting a crime, it's NOT an 'Ethical Standard' at the moment, though it may be in the future," I got cut off mid-sentence, and I heard another extension ringing. Well, it rang, and rang, and rang. No answer. So I asked to be put back to Bev, where I just managed to tell her I'd definitely confirmed this was a Queensland Police matter (not a Federal Police matter), thus putting last Friday's fairy story to rest, and I simply wanted to know if a legitimate police investigation was going ahead - "Yes" or "No" would suffice. Trouble was, I never got most of that info out, Bev put the phone down on me.

So onwards and upwards (as always), I rang the Police Minister's office. Surprise, surprise, no-one but the receptionist would speak to me. I reckon these receptionists give damn good value for money, considering all the highly paid cowards who hide behind their skirts. Anyway, she said "A letter" to me was in the pipeline, which I acknowledged, but I said I simply wanted to know if a legitimate police investigation was going ahead ("Yes" or "No"), and I wanted to SPEAK to someone about it. You can't hold a conversation with a letter, or ask it questions.

Anyway, the receptionist noted my concerns (thanks), but couldn't do much else. Well, we all know one thing for certain now, it's perfectly OK to cultivate and supply $40,000 worth of marijuana in Queensland, as long as you know the right people. So much for reporting a crime, though it's scary as hell that even the Police Minister won't talk to me. However, I guess the billions from a certain trade buys an awful lot silence, from an awful lot of people.

Maybe Mario Puzo didn't write fiction after all . . .

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Impotent Rudd . . .

New Zealand Herald . . .

"Eight out of ten prisoners from the first Bali bombing in Kerobokan jail are being proposed for remission. Whether they meet the provisions or not depends on the minister of justice," said Ana Agung Mayun Mataram, head of the prison division in Bali's local justice ministry.

Suicide bombers killed more than 20 people in attacks last year on Bali restaurants.

The prisoners being considered for remission are serving sentences of between five to 16 years and were convicted on charges related to the 2002 bombings, such as robbery tied to helping fund the plot or hiding key figures.

So why was a young Aussie woman (with no previous criminal record), jailed in Kerobokan for 20 years, for allegedly smuggling 4.2 kg of marijuana into the country, when every shred of reasonable evidence she begged the Indonesian court to consider was ruthlessly denied? And why have those who participated in murder and mayhem got off much more lightly? Is it because of our spineless Government? And is it because Schapelle's return here may inconvenience a lot of high level scroats, who may have too much to hide?

Let's hope Prime Minister Kevin Rudd can suddenly grow the balls he's lacked for the last few years, and successfully persuade his new best mate to do the right thing. And let's face it, if Kev's not up to the simple task of ensuring Aussie citizens get a fair hearing (and getting them home when they're on death's door), Aussies shouldn't put any faith in Kev's new found mates, or Kev's ticker when it comes to leading the country after the next election. It's a bloody sad day when Aussies blokes haven't got the guts (or balls), to stand up and say enough's enough, and it's a bloody sad day when they limply allow their women to be treated worse than terrorists and killers.