Thursday, April 1, 2010

America, and Tara Hack, support Schapelle

Article in South Coast Today, Friday April 1st 2010

Here's where they're based, and their readership stats.

And here's comments (to that article), from Australia . . .

Tara Hack is a wonderful young American woman, and very many Australians are extremely grateful to her for her unstinting support of Schapelle Corby. Thankyou Tara, and thankyou America. However, Schapelle is still dying in a squalid Bali prison, completely ignored by the Australian Government. Please help support her, she needs every one of us. Join "Women for Schapelle" on Facebook (guys can join too)

And here's some background on the squalid and disgusting jail where Schapelle is still dying . . .

Also, see this You Tube clip of Tara Hack, "The Wizard Down Under"