Sunday, April 4, 2010

At Last, The Truth About Schapelle Corby . . .

Schapelle Corby, an innocent Australian woman, condemned to a squalid Bali hell hole for 20 years.

She begged for CCTV from 4 airport terminals to clear her name, Brisbane domestic, Sydney domestic, Sydney International and Bali. Every single frame of CCTV from those four airports (including their baggage handling areas), went "Missing." All four areas were formal crime scenes, and the CCTV should have been expertly preserved at once. The exact hour Schapelle flew, and from within the exact same terminal at Sydney Airport, Senior Police Officer Mark Standen was running a major drugs operation (Operation Mocha). He's since been busted, and is now in jail, awaiting trial on conspiring to import $120 million worth of drugs into this country.

Schapelle also begged for her baggage to be weighed in Bali, to compare it to her check-in weight at Brisbane. Request denied. She begged for forensic testing of the marijuana (finger prints and DNA). Request denied. Schapelle's home was not searched by the Queensland police for evidence of drug trafficking, neither did they investigate her banking and phone records.

The marijuana found in Schapelle's bag was worth around $40,000 in this country, it was worth less than a tenth of that in Bali. No Australian (before or since), has ever been convicted of smuggling a commercial amount of marijuana into Bali from Australia. With that price differential, it's hardly surprising. None of Schapelle's family has ever been convicted of trafficking in drugs, or selling them, and Schapelle's Father had no criminal record, and neither did Schapelle. It’s likely a corrupt insider was supposed to offload that marijuana at Sydney for domestic consumption, but something went wrong, and it never got picked up. There are also multiple mainstream news resources which clearly report on the corruption and graft at our airports, Google these terms, each in turn . . .

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