Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Close Up" TV New Zealand, Tells Outrageous Lies about Schapelle Corby's family

Close Up TV New Zealand claimed Schapelle Corby's Father had "Drug Convictions" in this segment

And no members of Schapelle Corby's family have ever been convicted of selling drugs, or dealing drugs.

Women for Schapelle will be calling this news station next week, confronting them about their bare faced lies, and blogging the outcome.

Further, Schapelle Corby has never "Left" Kerobokan Prison, as claimed in their segment, and they have absolutely no proof of it. A tourist snapped a couple of women she though "Looked like" Schapelle and her sister. That's all. She never spoke to them, she never went near them, and there's absolutely no corroboration from any other source. I've seen those photos in the media. They look nothing like Schapelle, or her sister. If that's the level of their gutter reporting, they all need to re-enrol in a journalism course. Personally, I'm a nurse, and if did my job like they do their's, my patients would be dying like flies. I'll also be confronting them about this particular bare faced smear on the phone.

And HERE is the information about Schapelle Corby's innocence this News Station refuses to broadcast, and they won't touch THIS either. What's the problem Close Up? Too scared of exposing airport corruption, and upsetting your corporate backers? Not surprising really, you stayed as quiet as a mouse about the death of Police Officer Gary Lee Rogers as well, when he tried to expose the scams. He was the honest cop who died with a knife in his back from "Natural Causes."

And HERE is their Facebook page, if you want to lodge a protest too.