Friday, April 2, 2010

Facebook and Schapelle . . .

Fourteen groups and counting . . . membership as recorded on the 15th August 2010 . . . (over 14,000 in total)

So don't forget . . .

Invite your friends to join a Schapelle Corby support group

Post a Schapelle Corby Facebook link on any other relevant Facebook site you know of - e.g. all types of media sites, human rights, spiritual/religious, universities and professional associations (like law for example), and to artists/musicians, invite them to write a song for Schapelle, and post this link too

Use this news article for an excellent background on the case, when passing info on to people who may not necessarily know about it, and also give them this graphic link to show just how desperately ill Schapelle is.

Use this You Tube clip for a dramatic intro to the situation

Google news and blogs for Schapelle Corby every so often, and post links to a Schapelle Corby support group in the comments.