Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Julia Gillard, Schapelle Corby needs you to take responsibility

Julia, please stop running away. You know as well as I do that Schapelle's family has been contacting Stephen Smith for months about her dangerously frail health, and he's ignoring them. For God sake, step up to the plate and take control.

Stop pussy footing around while Schapelle's hanging by a thread. Or are you, and everyone else in this Government, dragging their collective feet, because a dead woman can't come back home to tell the truth about injustice and corruption? Are you leaving Schapelle to the same fate as Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers, and for the same reasons?

And are you going to stand silent now, as Schapelle Corby is deliberately isolated from her family, from her last thread of protection? The overwhelming majority of Australian women think otherwise, as graphically reported this week, on the front page Woman's Day Magazine, read by over 2 million of them. And if that doesn't kick you into action, I suggest you put less Mogadon in your coffee from now on.

Women for Schapelle will be calling you (soon), to talk about this.

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