Monday, April 12, 2010

Schapelle Corby & ABC Australia's Shame . . . Public apology needed for this man's disgusting behaviour

HERE is John Stewart, this "Respected" ABC journalist (Lateline), talking to Schapelle's sister Mercedes on the phone. Listen to it and cringe. Listen to it, and never forget the gutter journalism of Australia's ABC.


For the unequivocal declarations from the Queensland Police that Schapelle, and her family, were law abiding citizens. This is evidence that was also easily available to the ABC, and to John Stewart.

And also for the record, here's a Sydney Morning Herald article (March 5th 2005), with all the glaring facts of the case that the ABC, and John Stewart, chose to ignore.

So John Stewart, can we have a public apology from you, and from the ABC, about your appalling behaviour towards Mercedes?

And here's the lying email that John Stewart sent, when he was researching that smear piece on Schapelle's father (scroll to point 2, "Unethical Research and Investigation")