Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Schapelle Corby, Anna Bligh wipes her hands of police investigation

. . . and runs from police corruption.

I sent this message to Anna yesterday, asking for someone to contact me about this current (I hope, but no-one will say), Qld Police investigation into the growth and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana in 2004.

In that year, the Queensland police force completely failed to carry out a normal investigation of a crime. Schapelle Corby's home was not searched by the Queensland Police for evidence of drug trafficking, neither did they investigate her phone and banking records. All normal police processes were junked. Schapelle did not have any previous criminal convictions, and no member of Schapelle's family has ever been charged with (or convicted of), drug trafficking.

Police certificates confirming that are HERE, and HERE, and HERE, and HERE, and HERE

Despite this, the Queensland Police NEVER charged anyone with the growth and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana, the marijuana that was found in Schapelle's bag at Bali airport in 2004. It was like the crime didn't exist, like it never happened. Didn't they want to catch such a major supplier? What was their problem?

Anyway, despite the fact a serious, well documented and formal crime complaint has now been lodged with the Queensland Police, asking them to rectify this failure, not a single police officer in the entire Queensland Police force will return my calls, or is ever available to speak to me when I phone. Same goes for the Police Minister's Office, and the Premier's Office.

And this morning, when I rang the Premier's Office, Frank (an administrative officer I was told), put the phone down on me, after telling me (yet again), "Everyone" was in a meeting and unavailable to speak to me. He was unable to tell me when anyone WOULD be available, though he confirmed the Premier's office HAD received my email of yesterday, formally asking for a convenient time to discuss these issues. I asked Frank who had formal receipt of this communication, but he refused to tell me. He also suggested I should ring the Police Minister's office, but it didn't seem to compute when I told him (repeatedly), that I had already contacted the Police Minister's office, but no-one there was willing to speak to me either, hence I was now forced to speak to the Premier's office.

Frank then told me . . .

1. No-one in Anna Bligh's office will speak to me.

2. No-one in Anna Bligh's office will ever speak to me.

3. This is not the Premier's responsibility.

Naturally, I was pretty shattered at this, so after Frank put the phone down on me, I rang back again to double check. This time, I spoke to Audrey. I asked her if she had a pen, then I clearly spelled out those three points to her. I told her I would be publishing those facts on my blog. Could she please confirm they were correct, and maybe put me through to a professional media person before I went ahead and circulated those shocking points to the World. Audrey refused to put me through a professional media person, and told me those points were correct.

Audrey also said my blog was inaccurate and untrue, so I asked her what, in particular, "Wasn't true," as I never deliberately publish anything I don't believe to be right. I'm more than happy to revise my facts, if someone genuinely feels I've made a mistake, or omission. I asked Audrey to be specific about what "Wasn't true," so I could do something about it. She refused to name any points. So sorry Audrey (and Frank), I'm more than happy (always), to change my description of events and conversations, please just pick up the phone and tell me what isn't right (and why), and I'll do something about it immediately. Can't be fairer than that, in fact, as you can see, I'm BEGGING for someone in authority to speak to me.