Sunday, April 11, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Anna Bligh's Keystone Cops, episode 2

First episode HERE

Well, I rang Detective Superintendent John Pointing of the Queensland Drug Squad, but it looks like he's not interested in investigating the cultivation and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana, because he's not taking my calls. Mind you, considering what happened to Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers, I'm not surprised. Bev answered the phone, and told me she's been instructed to direct me to a Jason Overland. Seems Jason works in "Ethical Standards." I asked Bev who had given this order, but she refused to say.

Before I could say "But Bev, I'm reporting a crime, it's NOT an 'Ethical Standard' at the moment, though it may be in the future," I got cut off mid-sentence, and I heard another extension ringing. Well, it rang, and rang, and rang. No answer. So I asked to be put back to Bev, where I just managed to tell her I'd definitely confirmed this was a Queensland Police matter (not a Federal Police matter), thus putting last Friday's fairy story to rest, and I simply wanted to know if a legitimate police investigation was going ahead - "Yes" or "No" would suffice. Trouble was, I never got most of that info out, Bev put the phone down on me.

So onwards and upwards (as always), I rang the Police Minister's office. Surprise, surprise, no-one but the receptionist would speak to me. I reckon these receptionists give damn good value for money, considering all the highly paid cowards who hide behind their skirts. Anyway, she said "A letter" to me was in the pipeline, which I acknowledged, but I said I simply wanted to know if a legitimate police investigation was going ahead ("Yes" or "No"), and I wanted to SPEAK to someone about it. You can't hold a conversation with a letter, or ask it questions.

Anyway, the receptionist noted my concerns (thanks), but couldn't do much else. Well, we all know one thing for certain now, it's perfectly OK to cultivate and supply $40,000 worth of marijuana in Queensland, as long as you know the right people. So much for reporting a crime, though it's scary as hell that even the Police Minister won't talk to me. However, I guess the billions from a certain trade buys an awful lot silence, from an awful lot of people.

Maybe Mario Puzo didn't write fiction after all . . .