Saturday, April 24, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Australian Government corruption gets naked?

Is there a single person in Australia who thinks that Carl Williams very recent death in an Australian high security facility wasn't an inside job? Do we even have a Government any more, or are we really ruled by organised crime?

While most have very little sympathy for Carl Williams, I guess they'd have a great deal more time for deceased (murdered?), Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers, if his name was more widely known. And perhaps now they might listen to Ray Cooper, former Head of Operations for the AFP's Internal Investigations, who asserts that the AFP were involved in drug smuggling, and that gross and ongoing security breaches at Australian airports stitched up an innocent woman.

Let's face it, in the wake of Carl's murder, in the securest part of one of Australia's most secure prisons, can anyone now sincerely say anything is as it seems?