Sunday, April 25, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Australian Government hides & ignores brutal abuse of "The White Monkey"

In an effort to cover up the rottenness at the heart of Government, there has been a massive cover up of the chronic parading and brutal abuse of Schapelle. This includes the normal Australian NGO's who vociferously supported David Hicks. David's case involved abuse against an Australian citizen by another country, but Schapelle was screwed-over by her own Government, and the domestic NGO's were frightened off by the orchestrated media smear campaign, plus their need for Government goodwill. The pic here is of Bali prison guards brutally dragging Schapelle in front of the World's media against her will, and since this last blog post, Schapelle Corby - White Monkey Exhibit in Bali, a long-time supporter sent the searing info below . . .

"None of the non-government human rights or justice organizations bothered to speak up about Schapelle’s sham trial and now they remain silent about media harassment – despite the obvious breach of her human rights.

I have attached several news items dated July 2005 which you may find relevant and useful for your campaign protesting against media intrusions which contravene Schapelle Corby’s human rights.

It started years ago...

The attached items are all about the harassment which occurred on 13 July 2005 when an official party of Indonesian politicians and ‘human rights’ advocates (of all the people!) made an impromptu visit to Kerobokan shadowed by a mob of photographers and journalists. Schapelle attempted to hide from them but she was harassed for a long time while she hid in a room, then dragged away against her will by prison guards like some kind of trophy for the photographers to shoot. I don’t have any video footage that I can send to you, unfortunately, but you might find some on You Tube. I haven’t looked there.

The incident was used at the very end of Janine Hosking’s documentary Ganja Queen which was released in the USA on Home Box Office circa 2007, but it was also shown extensively on Australian commercial television at the time the incident occurred.

Not one Australian of any influence came to her assistance. Not a single official protest was made against her treatment.

All of the media coverage of this incident is characterized by a dishonest misrepresentation of the situation. For example, one photo caption reads:

Indonesian prison guards try to calm Schapelle Corby as she gets agitated ...

The truth is they were not trying to calm her down at all! They were manhandling her in a very aggressive way after she had managed to keep herself hidden for 90 minutes.

Note also the tone of some press descriptions: Schapelle’s fear and resistance were simply dismissed as an ‘outburst’ and as ‘shrieking in defiance’; she wasn’t resisting an intolerable situation she was ‘lashing out’. They managed to characterize her as an ungrateful hypocrite.

The News Corp journalist Sian Powell (a woman) has been among the worst for this type of distortion but there have been so many journalists sinking the boot in there are too many to list here.

The journalist Tony Wilson is not among the detractors, however. His coverage of the case is unique in the commercial press. His articles never insinuate that Schapelle is unworthy of assistance, or a tramp, a whore, a bogan or white trash. Truly remarkable. He is reported to be a friend and supporter and later wrote a reasonably detailed book about Schapelle Corby.

Since July 2005 there have been numerous intrusions from the media up to and including the latest one."