Friday, April 16, 2010

Schapelle Corby, Channel 9 and Odorous Arrogance

Top right hand corner Mark Burrows
Mark Burrows BS report

On the day of that BS report by Mark Burrows, I rang the Channel 9 Newsroom in Brisbane, and spoke to a guy who claimed to be a "Dick," as well as their Chief of Staff. "Dick" refused to tell me his last name, so I asked "Dick" why he wouldn't be able to ambush a sick Australian prisoner with television cameras, and beam their face to millions. "It's against the law" said "Dick" without hesitation. Exactly. So I asked "Dick" WHY it was "Against the law" in Australia, and it felt like I had a rat in a corner when he snapped at me. "I'm not answering that" he spat, and added I was "Condescending." Really Dick? It's "Condescending" to expect you to honour your own professional code of ethics, not to mention the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Guess you got your degree in the University of the Gutter . . .

And for the record, here's the questions I sent to both Lee Anderson (Channel 9 Director of News, Brisbane), and Mark Burrows . . .
1. Did Channel 9 get formal written & informed consent from Schapelle Corby to film her, and broadcast her privacy to millions?

2. Did Channel 9 discuss this with Schapelle's legal advisors first, given the sensitivity of her legal situation?

3. Did Channel 9 discuss this with Dr. Jonathon Phillips first?

4. Did Channel 9 discuss this with Schapelle's family members first, and get their agreement and permission? And in relation to this, please remember that I'm acutely aware of the lies you told them, first hand . . .
I also rang Channel 9 up after I sent them, and they formally confirmed they have them. They told me they were "With our solicitors." So I'll give them a call on Monday (19th April), and ask them how long I'll have to wait for answers.