Thursday, April 15, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Channel 9 your Indonesian knickers are showing . . .

On Thursday 15th April 2010 Channel 9 Indonesia (whoops, that's a typo, meant to put "Australia," I must be getting as confused as Channel 9), broadcast a news segment which appointed Renae "Beaten up by Bali Prison guards" Lawrence as Schapelle Corby's chief psychiatrist, and also hired Jail Governor "We move you tonight white monkey" Yon Suharyono as her medical registrar. The unlikely pair were trying to usurp the diagnosis of Dr. Jonathon Phillips, former President of the Australian & NZ College of Psychiatrists, and chief of South Australia's Mental Health Services. Seems Renae and Yon are equally desperate for Schapelle to stay in Kerobokan and not get clemency. Those big glistening kickbacks and bribes from the media (not to mention a rest from the black eyes), are far too tempting to pass by.

It's about time Aussies got the real deal from Channel 9, who should fess up that they're 75% owned by CVC Asia Pacific, who are seeking massive investments in Indonesia. Whoops, oh dear, is that your panties round your ankles 9? Quick, pull them up, maybe no-one will notice.