Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Ducking Stool

I wonder what ignorant, arrogant f**kwit came up with the idea of forcing a mentally ill woman to "Admit" guilt, something Schapelle has always refused to do, even through six years of torture (as reported on Channel 7 News, just a few days ago). And as Tracy Spicer makes blindingly clear here, Schapelle's clemency appeal is not based on her "Innocence" or "Guilt," it's based on her extremely poor mental health, period.

Obviously the dimwits who came up with that plan are running scared, they must be. It's obvious to all but the thickest that a psychotic woman is in no fit state to "Admit" anything, because it would be rendered worthless (and meaningless), by reason of insanity.

So my suggestion to the thickos who came up with that less-than-brilliant idea? Get back in your box where you so obviously belong.