Saturday, April 17, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Gossip Queen Andrew Hornery gets the shits . . .

This Andrew Hornery, gossip queen of The Sydney Morning Herald, and I'll write that again, just to make sure there's no mistake - this is Andrew Hornery, gossip queen of The Sydney Morning Herald. There, that should do it.

Andrew's just had a bit of a meltdown, he suddenly thought he was a serious journalist, and could write about really big grown up things like corruption, murder and mayhem. That's a bit ambitious for a hat writer, and it's probably what caused this dummy spit. Personally, I think he should just take a couple of aspirin, and lie down for a couple of hours until he feels better.

Sweetheart, Morpheus doesn't need the likes of you, though I hear he's a really nice bloke, and like most nice blokes, he'll talk to anyone, until they turn into arrogant little shits with a slimy agenda that sticks out a mile. Got it? Good, because what you haven't got (and never will have), is the story of the decade.