Saturday, April 10, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Impotent Rudd . . .

New Zealand Herald . . .

"Eight out of ten prisoners from the first Bali bombing in Kerobokan jail are being proposed for remission. Whether they meet the provisions or not depends on the minister of justice," said Ana Agung Mayun Mataram, head of the prison division in Bali's local justice ministry.

Suicide bombers killed more than 20 people in attacks last year on Bali restaurants.

The prisoners being considered for remission are serving sentences of between five to 16 years and were convicted on charges related to the 2002 bombings, such as robbery tied to helping fund the plot or hiding key figures.

So why was a young Aussie woman (with no previous criminal record), jailed in Kerobokan for 20 years, for allegedly smuggling 4.2 kg of marijuana into the country, when every shred of reasonable evidence she begged the Indonesian court to consider was ruthlessly denied? And why have those who participated in murder and mayhem got off much more lightly? Is it because of our spineless Government? And is it because Schapelle's return here may inconvenience a lot of high level scroats, who may have too much to hide?

Let's hope Prime Minister Kevin Rudd can suddenly grow the balls he's lacked for the last few years, and successfully persuade his new best mate to do the right thing. And let's face it, if Kev's not up to the simple task of ensuring Aussie citizens get a fair hearing (and getting them home when they're on death's door), Aussies shouldn't put any faith in Kev's new found mates, or Kev's ticker when it comes to leading the country after the next election. It's a bloody sad day when Aussies blokes haven't got the guts (or balls), to stand up and say enough's enough, and it's a bloody sad day when they limply allow their women to be treated worse than terrorists and killers.