Thursday, April 15, 2010

Schapelle Corby & The Milky Bar Kid . . .

Forget for the moment that some of those involved in blowing Australians to bloodied bits got as little as five years, or that Bali prison guards routinely call Schapelle a White Monkey (as just told to over 2 million Australian women in Woman's Day), put that aside for now. But remember well that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is too gutless to tell his new mate President SBY to keep Schapelle safe while she's so dangerously ill.

Seems Kev's one of those blokes who gets sand kicked in his face at he beach, and just takes it. In fact, not only does he take it, he rolls out the red carpet and asks for more.

We desperately need a Prime Minister, not a grown-up version of the Milky Bar Kid.

To-day, even with her Mother and Sister by her side, Schapelle is distraught and begging to die. Channel 9's brutish, unannounced and unwelcome invasion of her already pathetically small corner of Kerobokan has devastated her. She doesn't want to go on, her World is an abyss of witnessed rapes, bashings and death - and God knows what else only time, and a place to heal, will draw out. There's danger in every corner, her psychosis is a waking nightmare, a dark carnival of the real and imagined. But to-day, one venomous clown and his parade of staring lenses was the straw that broke one already very broken woman.