Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Schapelle Corby needs you to do your job Premier Anna Bligh

Hi Anna,

I rang your office this morning and spoke to Audrey. She told me she was the PA to the Deputy Chief of Staff. I told her I was trying to speak to someone about a serious criminal matter, the growth and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana in 2004. I also told Audrey that not a single detective in the entire Queensland Police force is willing to speak to me (they have consistently failed to return my calls, and no-one is ever available to speak to me when I phone, or even indicate when someone WILL be available). Neither could I get anyone in your Police Minister's office to speak to me yesterday, or even indicate when they would be available to talk.

Certainly, not a single policeman from anywhere in Queensland, nor a single member of staff from the Police Minister's office has called me back this morning.

Anyway, Audrey left me hanging on the phone for a couple of minutes or so, and then came back and told me that every single staff member in your office was in a "Meeting" and couldn't speak to me. I then asked Anna what time someone WOULD be available, she told me she wasn't allowed to give me that information. I then asked if I could make an appointment over the phone to speak to someone in your office tomorrow morning, as I was unavailable for the rest of to-day. Audrey told me that it wasn't possible for me to make that kind of appointment over the phone, and neither could she indicate at what time anyone would be available to speak to me tomorrow. However, Audrey did take my phone number, and said someone would call me back.

So basically Anna, no-one in your office is available to speak to me, and I can get no firm indication of when anyone will EVER be able to speak to me. However, I'm letting you know about this now, so when I call back tomorrow, someone WILL be there to take my call. Can you please indicate what time it would be convenient for me to phone, and speak to someone in authority on Thursday 8th April 2010. You can email me that information, or simply get Audrey to pick up the phone and tell me. She has my number.