Friday, April 23, 2010

Schapelle Corby - White Monkey Exhibit in Bali

Quote from Louise Hopkin, Schapelle supporter . . . (Saturday 24th April 2010), about this past week's abuse of Schapelle . . .

The Australian media have again been invited into Kerobokan prison to take intrusive pictures of a mentally ill Australian citizen. They KNOW what effect this has on her. They know how it traumitizes her. They know she has removed the eyes from her soft toys because she thinks they are cameras. They know that last time she begged her mother to let her kill herself!

On Thursday, a planned propaganda 'open day' day, the press failed to get their pictures. Schapelle was hidden by other concerned prisoners.

So... they were invited back in again, and there is another 'open day' next week! The prison governer is clearly desperate for her to stay there, and to benefit from the ruthless Australian media.

She is being paraded. A mentally ill citizen is being paraded, and serious efforts are being made to misrepresent her grave condition. If these efforts are successful and her clemency is rejected, she will die. But there will be more media 'open days' at her expense.

This is one of the most appalling spectacles I have ever seen. A blatant disregard for human rights. Meanwhile, a pathetic Australian government stand and watch

And this is DESPITE this unmistakable message (about the SAME abuse), to Julia Gillard, just 10 days ago. That was the day her staff put the phone down on me when I complained.

And just over 2 weeks ago, over 2 million Australian women were graphically told how Schapelle is taunted and shamed by the Indonesian authorities, when she's routinely called a White Monkey. And now they're routinely exhibiting a defenceless, mentally ill "White Monkey" to the global media. Obviously, Bali has not moved on from the 18th Century, when Londoners would visit Bedlam mental hospital for paid entertainment. I hear the old asylum made quite an income from this sideline, and it's whispered to-day's media are also quite generous.

But considering the way the mentally ill are treated in Bali, it's hardly surprising.

Seems Women for Schapelle were right about The Milky Bar Kid, so gutless and ineffective that he can't even get his new found mates to stop parading a psychotic woman.