Monday, May 24, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Australia's Hall of Shame?

Schapelle Corby is dying under a huge cloud of Australian police corruption, and not a single responsible person named and shamed above is willing to do their job. A group of people who collectively, cost the Australian tax payer millions.

Senator Doug Cameron has never spoken out.

Senator Fierravanti-Wells has never spoken out.

Melissa Parke MP has never spoken out.

Senator Carol Brown has never spoken out.

Michael Keenan MP has never spoken out.

Senator Steven Fielding has never spoken out.

Senator Stephen Parry has never spoken out.

Darren Chester MP has never spoken out.

Bob Debus MP has never spoken out.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd completely ignores all key questions (for over 4 months), despite multiple reminders, and breaks promises.

Brendon O'Connor, Home Affairs Minister, has so far refused to respond on a major crime report to the Australian Federal Police.

Philip Moss, Australian Integrity Commissioner is still in the frame, and has never, ever spoken out on these issues.

Martin Moynihan, Chair of Queensland's Crime and Misconduct Commission has point blank refused to investigate.

Tony Negus, Australian Federal Police Chief, is refusing to respond on this major crime report (he says it's Brendon O'Connor's resonsibility, and Brendon won't reply).

Bob Atkinson, Queensland Police Chief, has formally wiped his hands of everything, in writing.

But yet, despite all this, despite everything, the truth remains, and the truth will not be defied.

Here are 29 core questions that someone, somewhere in Australia is obliged to answer. I cannot investigate them, I do not have the formal powers - and so far, every formal power in the land, including the Federal Police, the Queensland Police, the Federal Government, the Queensland Government and the Queensland Crime & Misconduct Commission, has bluntly refused to invoke or use their power to discover the answer to those questions. The only agency which has not yet issued a formal refusal is the Federal Integrity Commission.

So, here's a blunt message to all the eighteen people named and pictured here. Please get together in a room, then thrash out who is responsible for answering and/or investigating these 29 legitimate questions (because someone damn well is), then get back to me - and one other thing, please make sure you do it before Schapelle dies. I will be sending every one of you reminders every single day from here on in (and documenting the same on this blog, and to the whole World).

The truth is coming out, no matter how fast you run. And one other thing you can be absolutely certain of, if you continue to refuse and abuse the sacred trust of the people, the women are coming, and the World is watching, including the American justice community, and they know what is going on.

ADDIT - Wednesday 26th May 2010

Further ADDIT on Wednesday 26th May 2010 . . .

PC Plod at The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity

Well, "Peter I-Refuse-To-Tell-You-My-Last-Name" DID call me back (from ACLEI), but then hung up on me when he couldn't take my increasing frustration at his insistence I had to "Explain" the "Corruption" to him, because he couldn't "See" any case for "Corruption." I suggested he should go back to school . . .

So here you are Peter, here it is in black and white, and in the simplest terms I can think of.

Three crimes were committed in Australia, export of $40,000 worth of marijuana, cultivation of $40,000 worth of marijuana and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana. No-one in Australia was ever convicted for those crimes, or investigated for those crimes. Both the Queensland Police Commissioner, and the Queensland Police Minister have formally told me (in writing), that all three crimes are a Federal Police responsibility. If they are not, will you please take that up with them directly, and put them right if they are incorrect.

So Peter here it is for you on a plate. Please ask the Australian Federal Police for evidence that they formally and thoroughly investigated those three crimes, and then ask them WHY there was NO investigation if your inquiries turn up a lack of one. HERE are the core questions you need to ask the AFP to determine if this required investigation went ahead. Only you have the formal powers to ask the AFP those question, I don't.

And further, it's up to you to get off your backside, not me, and directly ask journalist Tony Wilson about the allegations he makes on pages 22 and 23 of his book, re NO police investigation or search of Schapelle's premises in Australia for evidence of drug trafficking. That's what your paid for, isn't it?

It's highly likely the the "Lack" of a formal and thorough AFP investigation into those three Australian crimes was (and is), related to this, and this, and to the hidden background of former Assistant Commissioner to the New South Wales Crime Commission, Mark Standen, who was overseeing those corrupt baggage handlers at Sydney Airport at the time. Because if the AFP had done a proper and legitimate police investigation into those three crimes, it wouldn't have turned up Schapelle, it would have turned up their own. Is that clear enough for you now?

If there is anything you don't understand about that now, which is perfectly clear to me, and to millions and millions of other Australians reading this, please explain your confusion to me in writing, and I'll try my best to help you even further.

Investigate whether or not there was ever a legitimate police investigation into those three crimes, and then if you find out there wasn't, investigate why.

Further addit, early hours of Thursday 27th May 2010, Letter to "Peter" of ACLEI

Link to that letter HERE