Sunday, May 16, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Bob Atkinson, wake up and do your job

This is Bob Atkinson, Commissioner of the Queensland Police. He is currently under fire for alleged white washes in some high profile police cases. Let's hope there are NO Queensland Police white washes in this high profile investigation, which has been completely ignored by Bob Atkinson's organisation for 2 months, despite the fact an Australian woman is currently on death's door in a squalid Bali hell hole, because Bob's police failed to carry out ANY investigation of a major drugs crime in 2004.

To-day I rang Bob's office directly about this matter, and I'll call him back by close of business tomorrow (Tuesday 18th March 2010), to find out if and when Detective Superintendent John Pointing of Queenland's Police State Drug & Property Crime Group is going to get his backside into gear on a legitimate police investigation, before an Australian woman dies in a foreign jail for a crime she did not commit.

To-day I spoke to Bob's Staff Officer, Ian Thompson (in Bob's office), who also gave me Bob's personal fax number and email address, so these issues went directly to Bob, and there's no way he can say he "Didn't know," or claim he wasn't personally alerted.

Further, the Queensland Police Minister Neil Roberts has ALSO completely failed to follow through on this matter, though he was alerted over six weeks ago. There has been complete silence from his office, and Neil will not allow me to speak to anyone in his ministerial department, other than the employee who answers the phone. This is also in line with the policy in Anna Bligh's office, as no-one there will speak to me on this issue either - even going so far as to put the phone down on me when I ask.

This complaint is also going directly to Inspector Jason Overland, who is the State Co-ordinator of Ethical Standards. I also spoke to that department to-day (for contact details), and again I will be phoning them by close of business on Tuesday 18th May 2010 for follow up.