Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Brendan O'Connor, Minister for Marijuana?

Six weeks ago, Brendan O'Connor was informed that every single police officer in the Australian Federal Police had refused to take a crime report relating to the export of $40,000 worth of drugs from this country in 2004. This is an extremely urgent matter, given that an Australian woman is currently hanging by a thread in a squalid Bali hell hole, accused of a crime that the AFP did NOT investigate. You think he'd get off of his publicly funded back side as a matter of urgency, and DO something about it, that is, if he isn't as corrupt as many, many others.

I rang him again to-day. Yes, he has my crime report, sent to him over six weeks ago, and which he has NOT even acknowledged by letter. But no, I am NOT allowed to speak to anyone other the woman who answers the phone in his office, and NO, neither she, or anyone else can tell me WHEN I will be getting a written reply (though apparently I'm getting one). OK, I said (amongst a few other things), I'll call back two weeks from to-day. That's reasonable. By then, Brendan will have had 8 weeks to mull over the criminality of exporting $40,000 worth of marijuana from this country, and the AFP's complete disappearance of EVERY frame of CCTV from three airports (in other words, from three formal crime scenes). I reckon some heads should roll, and at this rate, I reckon Brendan's should be one of the first.