Monday, May 24, 2010

Schapelle Corby - The CMC Naked to the World . . .

Click on that letter from Queensland's CMC (Monday 24th May 2010), re Schapelle Corby, to enlarge and read

Yep, I reckon this post about Queensland's CMC, Moynihan's Moonlight State, was entirely spot on . . .

CMC, you're now naked to the World in your wilful refusal to investigate corruption and your blunt refusal to face the facts. So here are some further direct questions to you, and I expect direct answers within a reasonable period of time. I'll call you by the end of the week, to ensure you have receipt of them, and get an estimate re the time frame of your response. Please copy and paste each point, and place your reply beneath.

In a nutshell CMC, three crimes occurred in Australia, export of illegal drugs, cultivation of illegal drugs, and supply of illegal drugs. I am asking you to investigate (and report on), whether or not there was ever a legitimate Australian police investigation of those crimes, and then investigate whether or not any failure to initiate and complete these legitimate investigations was related to police corruption, specifically, to high level (and very public), allegations that the AFP was involved in drug smuggling. If you need that put more simply, please let me know, and I'll try to do my best.

1. Please identify (quotes), where I have speculated as to the ownership of the drugs that were found in Schapelle's bag?

2. Please confirm that in order for the drugs to be in Schapelle's bag, they had to be grown (by a person unknown), and supplied (by a person unknown).

3. Will you please confirm that producing $40,000 worth of marijuana, and supplying $40,000 worth of marijuana, are crimes under Queensland law.

4. Please confirm that Schapelle commenced her journey to Bali in Queensland, and was a long-time resident of Queensland.

5. If you can confirm point 4 above, will you also please confirm that therefore, any reasonable police investigation as to the production and supply of these drugs should commence in Queensland?

6. Was anyone ever (in Australia, or within the State of Queensland), charged with producing and supplying these drugs?

7. Before Schapelle's arrest, was any Australian ever charged with importing a commercial amount of marijuana to Bali, from Australia?

8. After Schapelle's arrest, has any Australian ever been charged with importing a commercial amount of marijuana to Bali, from Australia?

9. If the answer to points 7 and 8 above is "No," would it be reasonable to assume that a legitimate police investigation into the Australian source of these drugs should have been a top priority (given the unusual nature of the crime)?

10. Did the Queensland police (or the Federal police), search or investigate the Gold Coast premises where Schapelle packed her bags (for her trip to Bali), for evidence of drug trafficking?

11. Did the Queensland police (or the Federal police), search or investigate Schapelle's Mother's house (where Schapelle slept the night before she flew), for evidence of drug trafficking?

12. Did the Queensland police (or the Australian Federal police), investigate Schapelle's phone and banking records for evidence of drug trafficking?

13. Would a forensic police search of relevant premises, and forensic police investigation of relevant phone and banking records, be a normal, expected and legitimate part of any police investigation into the production and supply of illicit drugs?

14. If the answer to questions 10, 11 and 12 above is "No" (e.g. these normally expected police investigations did not occur), what explanation is there for that?

15. Do you think the Australian public has the right to know if there was a thorough and legitimate Australian police investigation into the Australian source of the drugs that were found in Schapelle's bag?

16. Are you aware of the public allegations of former Australian Federal Police internal investigator Ray Cooper, in relation to the alleged drug smuggling activities of the AFP?

17. Schapelle travelled through four airports, Brisbane domestic, Sydney domestic, Sydney international and Bali international. All these airports have CCTV. Was a single frame of this CCTV (from four airports), ever examined by the Australian police (Federal or Queensland), in relation to investigating these three Australian crimes, e.g. export of illegal drugs, production of illegal drugs and supply of illegal drugs? If so, what was the result?

18. Will you confirm that the three crimes mentioned in point 17 above, immediately transformed all four airports into formal "Crime scenes"?

19. Is it normal police practise to expertly preserve the physical evidence from formal crime scenes immediately?

20. Would therefore, this CCTV footage be classified as "Physical evidence"?

21. Therefore, if this CCTV footage was not immediately preserved and examined by any Australian police force, what is the explanation for that? Given that this apparent "Failure" spanned four separate airports, all at the same time.

22. Was Schapelle's luggage weighed by the Indonesian police, to compare it to the check-in weight at Brisbane?

23. If it was not weighed, did any Australian police force ever query this anomaly with the Indonesian police, given that this evidence was also crucial for discovering whether or not the drugs were placed in Schapelle's bag before check-in, or after check-in?

24. If the Australian police did not query this anomaly, what was the reason for this, given that this information was vital for their own investigations?

25. Were the drugs found in Schapelle's bag (and/or their plastic covering), ever examined by the Indonesian police for finger prints and/or human DNA?

26. Did Schapelle ever specifically request this type of forensic examination of the drugs?

27. Would finger prints and/or human DNA have been crucial to investigating the person responsible for growing and and supplying these drugs, who (presumably), was still in Australia?

28. Did the Australian police ever specifically ask the Indonesian police to allow this vital forensic investigation of the drugs to go ahead, given that the resulting information was so important to catching the people (within Australia), who grew and supplied these drugs?

29. Did the Indonesian authorities burn these drugs, and their plastic covering, before any forensic investigation of this type could go ahead?

Regards, Kim

Addit to the above

Just after posting the above, I sent this email to the CMC

Subject: Schapelle/CMC runs screaming . . .

From: Kim Bax

Date: 24 May 2010 3:46:20 PM AEST

To: Kim Bax

Cc:,,, Carol (Senator) Brown ,,,,,,,,, Claire (Senator) Moore

Schapelle Corby & Australian corruption gets MORE naked, as Queensland's Crime and Misconduct flees (at a rate of knots never seen before), from common sense . . .

And I got this message from their mail server in reply. However, I then rang to verbally confirm that my 29 questions above had been received. They point blank refused to give me this verbal confirmation, and then said (direct quote) "Because we are no longer communicating with you."

No worries CMC. I want those questions answered, and I'll just send you (and the rest of the World), a weekly reminder until you do.