Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Fickle Cassanovas

Well girls, do you remember those guys who would say ANYTHING to get your knickers down, and make you swoon, then whisper sweet nothings in your ear . . . ?

Well it's a damn good job Schapelle didn't make any plans on that Cassanova's promises (way back in 2005) . . . because like many women before her, he waved goodbye as soon as the excitement was over . . .

Kevin Rudd's Statement

KEVIN RUDD M.P. Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Security 27 May 2005


The thoughts of the Federal Opposition today are with Schapelle Corby and her family. This has understandably been a traumatic experience for them. There is little doubt the Australian people share this sentiment. The Federal Opposition believes Australia should now undertake the following course of action in support of Schapelle Corby’s case.

First, the Australian Government should provide every legal and other support for the appeal which Ms Corby’s defence team has indicated it will now launch to overturn her conviction and 20-year sentence.

Second, the Australian Government must dedicate maximum resources to the early negotiation of a bilateral prisoner exchange agreement with Indonesia. The Government has indicated an Australian negotiating team will travel to Indonesia in early June. This team should be dispatched tomorrow.

Third, the Federal Opposition believes it is now time to register with the President of the Indonesian Republic our support for a Presidential Pardon for Schapelle Corby on humanitarian grounds.

The Federal Opposition understands that under both the general provisions of Indonesian law, the President of Indonesia has the power for grants of “mercy, amnesty, pardon and restoration of rights”. Following consultations this week with the Indonesian Government, our view is it is appropriate for a request for a Presidential Pardon to be lodged now – pending the outcome of the appeals process. Accordingly I have written today, on behalf of the Federal Opposition, to the Ambassador of Indonesia to convey an appropriate request for such a Presidential Pardon to His Excellency Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of the Republic of Indonesia.

We ask that the Australian Government provide bipartisan support to this approach. Ends. 27 May 2005