Monday, May 17, 2010

Schapelle Corby - formal complaint to Martin Monynihan, Chairperson & CEO of the CMC

This is Martin Moyniham, Chairperson & CEO of the CMC. Here is the formal complaint to Martin, re the Schapelle Corby issues and the Queensland Police, specifically regarding their failure to investigate major drug crime in the State of Queensland.

Dear Martin,

The links provided in this blog post give all the necessary background information. I believe the Queensland Police corruptly failed (and are continuing to corruptly fail), to investigate the cultivation and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana, in order to cover up gross corruption at our airports, and within our security services.

On the 16th March 2010, After speaking to John Pointing, Detective Superintendent, State Drug & Property Crime Group, Queensland, I sent him a crime report, specifically relating to cultivation and supply of the drugs that were found in Schapelle Corby's bag at Bali Airport, in October 2004 (which was around $40,000 worth of marijuana).

Schapelle had NO criminal record, or known criminal connections, and here is the formal documentation that confirms it. Unless Schapelle wiggled her nose like Samantha from Bewitched, and just materialised them from thin air, someone in Australia is guilty of the crimes of "Cultivation" and "Supply." As Schapelle was a long term resident of Queensland, and her journey to Bali commenced in Queensland, the obvious first point of police investigation is within Queensland. No-one was ever investigated for these two crimes, and no-one in Australia was ever convicted in relation to these two very obvious offences.

If you have any doubt whatsoever about these "Offences," I suggest you look at this current Queensland Act (Drugs Misuse Act 1986), and scroll down from page 13.

However, to-day (Tuesday 18th May 2010), I received a communication from Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson's office which (point blank), refuses to investigate these two crimes, after I sent him a direct communication about it. Here it is:

Dear Ms Bax,

As discussed with you on the telephone, and as has been previously advised to you by the Minister for Police, Corrective Services and Emergency Services in an email I am happy to confirm that:

“The Queensland Police Service did not undertake an investigation as this matter fell under Commonwealth Legislation and, as such, under the jurisdiction of the Australian Federal Police. However, the Queensland Police Service did provide assistance to the Australian Federal Police who had carriage of this investigation.

Your allegations of inaction by the Queensland Police Service have been referred to the Crime and Misconduct Commission.”

Ian Thompson

Ian Thompson
Act Superintendent,
Acting Chief of Staff

Commissioner's office

However, the above is incorrect, because (to date), I have received NO communication whatsoever from the Queensland Police Minister. Further, the above does not specifically refer to the two crimes I am reporting, which are the "Cultivation" and "Supply" of $40,000 worth of marijuana. So, in response, I rang Ian Thompson directly after getting that email, and pointed that anomaly out to him. I asked him to either correct that anomaly in writing, or confirm to me verbally (over the phone), that "Cultivation" and "Supply" of $40,000 worth of marijuana (most likely within Queensland, at least as a very obvious first point of investigation), are Federal matters, and NOT Queensland Police matters. He refused to do either.

I then rang the Police Minister's office, Neil Roberts, to point out this anomaly, and get it corrected one way or the other. No-one in the Police Minister's office was available to speak to me, and the gentleman answering the phone said he was "Unable" to give a definite time when anyone would (ever), be available to speak to me. Further, at no time, over a period of months, has anyone in the Police Minister's office been available to speak to me, and at no time (over a period of months), has anyone from the Police Minister's office called me back, and at no time (over a period of months), have I ever been given a definite time when it would be convenient for me to call back.

Neil Roberts was formally alerted to these issues on the 2nd April 2010 (almost 7 weeks ago), but has (so far), completely failed to respond.

I will be calling the CMC tomorrow (Wednesday 19th May 2010), as a matter of extreme urgency, to get some follow up on this complaint, plus calling Neil Roberts office again tomorrow, to get some definite confirmation (directly from him), that the "Cultivation" and "Supply" of $40,000 worth of marijuana are NOT Queensland Police matters.

Why the extreme urgency? I guess it would be a very dark stain on Australia if Schapelle died, before the CMC got it's act together. You do NOT have your usual "Months" to drag this investigation out, is that clear? Plus I will be following progress daily.

I believe these two crimes, e.g. "Cultivation" and "Supply" were wilfully ignored by the Queensland Police in 2004, because they knew full well that Schapelle Corby had no connection to this crime, and this "Crime" in fact related to ongoing corruption within the Federal Police.

Schapelle's home was NOT searched (by any police force), to garner evidence of drug trafficking. Her banking and phone records were NOT investigated (by any police force), for evidence of drug trafficking - and NO person within Australia has ever been charged (or investigated), in relation to growing the drugs that were found in Schapelle's bag, or with supplying them to her.

Further, in THIS blog post, you will find frightening evidence of the corruption and graft at Sydney Airport, as well as within the Australian security services (directly related to very hour Schapelle flew, and to the exact same terminal).

I also rang AFP Chief Tony Negus to-day, as he has completely failed to respond to this crime report (directly to him), in any way whatsoever, despite an intervening period of 7 weeks. I was told that no-one in Tony Negus's office was answering the phones, and when I insisted on speaking to someone, I was put through to the AFP's "Professional Standards." They told me that Tony Negus would NOT be responding to me on these issues, because I'd also forwarded them to Federal Police Minister Brendan O'Connor (who has also NOT responded in a period of 7 weeks). I tried to point out that just because Brendan O'Connor is in receipt of this serious crime report, it does not relieve AFP Chief Tony Negus of his public responsibilities. That argument was to no avail.

I then rang Brendan O'Connor's office, and got exactly the same response I've been getting for the past 7 weeks, no-one was available to speak to me, and there was NO firm time anyone would ever be available to speak to me. However, I was told that there was a "Draft" letter for me, which Brendon has yet to sign. So I asked if two important pieces of information could be passed on to Brendon. I was told they would be. Firstly, that Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson now appears to be claiming that the "Cultivation" and "Supply" of these drugs are a "Federal" matter, and secondly that AFP Chief Tony Negus now appears to have abrogated all responsibility for these legitimate investigations to Brendon O'Connor.

In essence, the Queensland Police have passed the buck to the Australian Federal Police, and the Australian Federal Police have passed the buck to Brendon O'Connor.

Meanwhile, a woman is dying, and I'll be speaking to you soon Martin, even if it means physically knocking on your office door.

Regards, Kim