Friday, May 28, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Handing The-Powers-That-Be more than enough rope . . .

This is their role . . . the Committee . . .
  • receives and considers complaints against the CMC;
  • reviews CMC guidelines and makes suggestions for improvement of CMC practices;
  • reviews CMC reports including its annual report and research reports;
  • requests reports from the CMC on matters which have come to the committee’s attention, through the media or by other means; and
  • deals with ad hoc issues concerning the CMC as they arise.
In addition, the committee holds regular meetings with the CMC.

Addit Tuesday 1st June 2010 - Now I've recently put in formal complaint to all these people - but I just had a phone call from this Government department, telling me that if I publish details of this complaint (even my own words), I could be prosecuted by the Queensland Government, for "Contempt of the Queensland Parliament."

Maybe they should make that clear on their site, because other than psychic ability, or a deeply held desire (and the time), to read volumes of law, there's no way any ordinary member of the public would know that. So I'll formally ask them to make it prominent, clear and unmistakeable, that's if they're not too embarrassed to be completely up front about their legislated ability to hide things from us.

So now, I can't tell you, the public, what I wrote. I wonder when we will ever be able to prosecute them for Contempt of the People? Tony Fitzgerald, you were sooooo right.

But luckily, should the Committee agree, they can give me "Permission" to publish correspondence. So I'm writing to them to-day, to formally "Ask" for permission. I let you know if I get it . . .