Thursday, May 20, 2010

Schapelle Corby, the CMC's Helen Couper & Useless, Toothless Dogs of Shame

This is Helen Couper of the CMC. Yesterday I sent her this very reasonable communication, which politely asked to discuss a few further details with her, in regard to this very serious, and very high profile complaint, outlining Australian police corruption re the conviction and trial of Schapelle Corby. To-day I followed up on that, and tried to call her. I was bluntly told she was "Not available," and even more bluntly and specifically told (direct quote), "She will not be available to you." Further, I was given no rational reason for this blunt refusal, and when I tried to explain that I was merely seeking some background info, such as the formally documented standards (and procedures), for assessing complaints, plus who (specifically), would be involved in assessing this particular complaint (and their qualifications/background), the woman on the switchboard hung up on me mid-sentence, and at no time offered to put me through to anyone in the organisation who could help me with these very basic requirements for information. This severely calls into question the ability of the CMC to do this investigation at all, in fact, it's beyond bizarre.

I'm very much reminded of this music video by Al Wilson, hugely reminiscent of Bob Dylan, Fork Tongues & Toothless Dogs of Shame: Selling Schapelle Corby, which is also hi-lited here, when anyone in the entire World does a Google search for Schapelle Corby (it's the third link down, on the first page). And this blog is also head lined on that page.

Anyway, in the light of Helen Couper's shameful decision (to-day), to bluntly refuse a polite request for further (and reasonable), information, I felt she should be included in Al Wilson's scathing assessment, hence the piccie above.

The CMC told me (at least, the lady on the switchboard told me, because she refused to put me through to anyone else), that I should get a "Letter" from the CMC in a "Couple of weeks." I look forward to it - as do thousands, and thousands and even thousands more, from all around the globe.

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