Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Kevin Rudd's Minister, or frightened rabbit?

This is Kevin Rudd's Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O'Connor. He's the person in Rudd's Government who has formal responsibility for the Australian Federal Police.

I've been trying to verbally confirm (for the past couple of days), he's in official receipt of these 29 core questions, in relation to the Schapelle Corby issues. Those questions were sent to Brendan, and various other key players, recently, as documented here.

Anyway, the lady I've been speaking to in Brendan's office has always been polite and helpful (thank you), but failed to officially confirm she'd received those questions. She explained there were some "Problems" with the forwarding of email correspondence, but said the glitch would be quickly resolved. I thanked her for that, and said I'd call back.

Then to-day, I had the most bizarre experience. I rang Brendan's office on my home phone, and it sounded like someone just picked up the receiver, and hung up without speaking. I thought I must have had a wrong number, so I rang again, and went straight through to a recorded message, saying no-one was available. Suspicious, I tried again on my own mobile phone, and again, I went straight through to the recorded message. So even more suspicious by now, I immediately borrowed the mobile phone of a family member, and rang again. Surprise surprise, the very polite lady (who I'd been speaking to previously), picked up the phone straight away. She sounded a little bit shocked to hear me (but remained polite and gracious), and immediately said she had no time to speak to me, because she was so "Busy." I said that was fine, because I didn't need to keep her long. I just needed to formally confirm that Brendan had received the 29 core questions. The very polite lady confirmed that yes, Brendan had received them.

I call back later to-day, when the very polite lady is a little less busy (hopefully), to get an educated estimate of how long it will be before I get a reply.

I also think Australia needs to remember that Schapelle's treatment clearly breaches many aspects of the United Nations International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, as clearly documented here. Thus, this is much more than just a "Blog," it's a trail of formal and official evidence which can (and will be), used on the international stage.

Addit to the above (Monday 31st May 2010)

Just rang Brendan's office, and got through without any problems. They are in formal receipt of this crime report (which Tony Negus has officially said is Brendan's responsibility, not his), as well as these 29 core questions. I was told that a full, considered response would take "4 to 8 weeks." That gives Brendan a more than reasonable dead line of Monday 26th July 2010 - and let's very much hope the term "Dead line" is not darkly prophetic. At the moment, TPTB can extricate themselves from these problems (to a large extent), by ensuring Schapelle's safe return home. Should Dr. Philip's extremely public warnings come true, there will never be anywhere to run to, or anywhere to hide - and without doubt, this debacle will run its full course in the international arena.