Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Moynihan's Moonlight State

Martin Moynihan, both you, and your organisation are a complete and utter joke, and a disgrace to the name of Fitzgerald. Tell me Martin, what's your cut from this? And tell me Martin, what will be the public worth, and public perception, of your organisation when the proverbial hits the fan? Obviously, the Moonlight State is still with us.

After yesterday's debacle when I called your organisation, in relation to this extremely serious and high-profile complaint, with (quite literally), a woman's life on the line, I expected to be treated a little better when I rang back to-day. No such luck.

I asked to be put through to "John." I was put through, but no-one answered, and I was then told that there was no knowledge of when he would be available, or when he would call me back. I was also told (when I asked), that John is an "Integrity Services Officer." So I then asked who his boss was. At first the lady on the switchboard appeared to say that she wouldn't tell me, and then appeared to say that she "Didn't know." Her response was a bit confusing. So I pressed her on the point, was she refusing to tell me, or was it that she "Didn't know"? Then all of a sudden, and very magically, "John" (who had been completely unavailable less than a minute before hand), WAS available. She put me through.

There were a number of legitimate questions I wanted to ask John, and as a tax-paying member of the public, I think I'm entitled to ask them, and to receive a reasonable standard of service in return. What I do NOT expect, or accept, is "John" hanging up on me mid-sentence. Is that clearly enough stated for you Martin?

I asked John who his boss is. That's not an unreasonable request. He refused to answer that question, and said (directly quoting), "I'm not obliged to tell you." Where do you get your officers from Martin, do you just drag them off the set of some old Monty Python sketch? I've never heard of anything more ridiculous. Is this the service that I, and millions of other Queenslanders, are paying for?

Anyway, I never, ever got to ask "John" any further legitimate questions from a tax-paying member of the Queensland public. He simply said the CMC had my complaint, it would "Assessed," and that I would get a written reply from the CMC in "Due course." Then the phone went dead before I could draw breath.

So here's the deal Martin. I will phone your organisation again tomorrow (Friday 20th May 2010), and I expect to be treated with courtesy and respect. I expect one of your officers to listen to my further questions, and to the best of their ability, answer them. And when I ask them for the name of their boss, I expect to get it.