Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Schapelle Corby - Queensland Police Minister Neil Roberts sells her down the river

I have been phoning your office for 2 months. No-one (other than the woman who answers the phone), is EVER available to speak to me. No-one from your office has EVER returned my call (though I've asked consistently), and when I ask when it would be "Convenient" for me to call back (so I can get to speak to someone other than the receptionist), the woman who answers the phone has always refused to give a specific time. How big's your brown paper bag Neil? What's your cut for covering up corruption?

I reported two crimes to Senior Police Officer John Pointing of the State Drug & Property Crime Group, Queensland. The crime of "Supply" (in relation to $40,000 worth of marijuana), which also includes the crime of "Cultivation" (in other words, production of an illegal drug).

Neither your correspondence reproduced here, nor the correspondence I received from Police Commissioner Robert Atkinson's office specifically refers to those two crimes. And when I rang Ian Thompson back (he's the Acting Chief of Staff to Qld Police Commissioner Robert Atkinson, and works in his office), to point out that his correspondence failed to specifically address the two crimes I am reporting to the Queensland Police (supply and cultivation of an illegal drug, most likely in Queensland until investigations prove otherwise), he point blank refused to address this anomaly in writing, and he point blank refused to address this anomaly over the phone.

Further, when I rang your office this morning, making an inquiry about a simple point of law, e.g. "Can you please formally confirm that the cultivation and supply of an illegal drug in Queensland is a Federal Police matter?" your office point blank refused to answer that question. Therefore, I'm now putting that question in writing to you.

Neil, will you now please confirm to me (in writing), firstly that I have specifically reported two crimes to the Queensland Police, e.g. production of a illegal drug (most likely in Queensland, until proved otherwise), and the supply of an illegal drug (most likely in Queensland, until proved otherwise) - and will you further confirm to me, in writing, that these two specific crimes are a Federal Police matter? I look forward to your response. If you have the slightest difficulty understanding the clarification I am seeking, please contact me, and I will try to spell it out even more simply.

I am forced to address these questions directly to your self, because I have already addressed them to Police Commissioner Robert Atkinson, and he has point blank refused to respond.

I will phone your office later to-day, to confirm you have this correspondence, and to get an estimate on when I can expect to get a formal written response from you. I have also (of course), forwarded this to the CMC.

Regards, Kim


I rang Neil Roberts office just after sending the above. I received verbal confirmation that my email had been received, and verbal confirmation that I can expect to get a reply in "Two to three weeks." If I have not heard back in two weeks time, I will phone and write again.

Addit - 1st June 2010.

Complete silence. No response whatsoever to the above, so I rang Neil Roberts again to-day around midday. Got told the person who checks the emails is "Out to lunch," and I couldn't resist adding that I thought everyone there was "Out to lunch" if no-one in the POLICE Minister's office (for God sake), could simply confirm to me over the phone that the production/cultivation and supply of $40,000 worth of marijuana were "Federal" matters (as the formal letter from Neil Roberts above implies, but shrinks from spelling out in black and white). Because everything I've ever read on the subject says the opposite. I'll phone back again before close of business to-day.

Addit - 11th June 2010.

Rang back to-day. Despite calling the Minister's office on the same day I sent the above questions, and getting verbal confirmation they had been received, and being told I would get a reply in around "2 weeks," I was told this morning that I would not get any reply to those questions unless I put them in the body of an email (as opposed to via a link). I was not told this when I first rang, neither was I told this when I rang again on the 1st June 2010. Further . . .
  • At no time has a senior policy advisor in Neil's office been "Available" to speak to me.
  • At no time have I been given a specific appointment when it would be "Convenient" for me to call back (though I have always asked for this).
  • At no time has any senior policy officer from Neil's office called me back (though I have always asked for this). This is over a period exceeding 3 weeks.
At no time has anyone from the Police Minister's office ever formally confirmed and/or clarified to me (via the phone), that the "Cultivation" and "Supply" of drugs, to a long-term Queensland resident, most likely in Queensland (until proved otherwise), is a "Federal" police matter. I have always asked for this clarification, and I have always failed to receive it.

Anyway, I rang Neil's office back this morning, after I sent the above in the "Body" of email, and got verbal confirmation it had been received. This time I was told I would get a reply to those further questions/requests in "4 to 6 weeks."

Addit - Wednesday 16th June 2010

Well, I rang Neil's office again to-day, and spoke to Sean, who was extremely pleasant and polite (thank you). I gave him the reference number of the letter Neil had sent me (above), and said that I'd sent Neil some very important further questions (as documented above), around the 18th May 2010 (around the time I'd got Neil's letter). I also said I'd called on that day, to confirm they were received. I was told they were "Received," and that I'd get a reply in a "Couple of weeks."

However, when I tried to check up again on the 1st June 2010, I couldn't get hold of anyone who could tell me anything. I ended up calling back again on the 11th June 2010, only to be told my initial new questions (above), were ignored, because they were in a "Link," and not in the "Body" of an email. I was a bit annoyed by this, because I was not told that when I first rang to confirm they were received. So I sent them again, in the "Body" of an email this time, and then rang to confirm they'd got them. They had.

So, after relating all this history to Sean, I explained my further new questions were extremely important, re some vital clarification. Neil's letter above does not directly refer to the Queensland crimes of "Supply" and "Cultivation" of marijuana, which are the very specific offences I'm trying to report to the Queensland Police (re the marijuana that was found in Schapelle's bag). Further, apparently contradicting Neil's letter to me, I've just had this letter from Brendan O'Connor, Home Affairs Minister, which very clearly says these crimes (supply & cultivation), are not a "Federal" matter. I also told Sean I'd forward Brendan's letter to me, to Neil (again), to-day. Sean said that would be a good idea, to help clarify things.

Therefore, if Neil still thinks the crimes of "Supply" and "Cultivation" (re the marijuana found in Schapelle's bag), are "Federal" matters, could he please put that info very specifically, in black and white? So far, he's failed to do that.

Surely to goodness, it's evident to any reasonable person that the marijuana in Schapelle's bag did not materialise out of thin air. Someone "Cultivated" it, and someone "Supplied" it, and as Police Minister, Neil has the responsibility to make sure those criminals are brought to justice, whoever they may be.

Sean also told me that I could expect a further reply from Neil in "2 to 3 weeks." Therefore, I assume I'll hear back by Wednesday 7th July 2010 at the latest. I mean, this is hardly rocket science. I'm just seeking some very quick and simple clarification on a point of law. I hardly think it's an unreasonable or difficult request.

I also sent Sean this email, not long after our call.