Friday, May 7, 2010

Schapelle Corby & Rudd's Banana Republic

You know, it's bloody amazing how these godawful corrupt politicians have got away with so much, for so long. The stench is putrid.

Does the rule of law even exist in Australia any more, when not ONE Federal police officer, up to and including Tony Negus and Brendan O'Connor, will willingly take a legitimate crime report?

So OK guys, here's how it is. Brendan O'Connor's office promised me a "Letter" in response to my concerns over four weeks ago. Since then, there has been complete silence, so I telephoned Brendan's office on the Wednesday 5th May, Thursday 6th May and Friday 7th May, asking for an update on my promised "Letter" (like where is it, and when can I expect it?) You've had a 4 week hiatus. That's reasonable.

Each day, I got the runaround, and no response. So from now on, I will be calling Brendan's office every weekday morning, and asking a perfectly reasonable question, "You promised me a letter, where is it, and when can I expect it?" until I get a coherent response, because there's a few thousand others who would like to know as well.